Dolphin Island

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Meet the magnificent Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins – some of the most fascinating marine mammals of the oceans! Dolphin Island offers a range of programmes that will give you the opportunity to meet them up-close.

Our unique programmes give you the chance to interact with the dolphins, which will be an unforgettable experience. More importantly, it will inspire visitors to a deeper understanding of marine life, and to discover more about dolphins through “engagement learning”. Our marine mammal trainers and hosts will share knowledge about dolphins, their habitats, diets, anatomies and migration patterns.

We will also share what we’re doing in the areas of research and veterinary care to give you an idea of what’s being done to protect the dolphins. We can look forward to building a more sustainable marine environment together.

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Dolphin Discovery

Get closer with our fascinating dolphins in a waist-deep lagoon! Meet and greet our inquisitive Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins and experience their playful nature as you learn more about them.

Dolphin Encounter

Get up close with curious and intelligent Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins in this personal experience, as you touch, splash and take photos with them - without getting into water!

Dolphin Observer - Dolphin Island

Dolphin Observer

Dolphin Observer is an exclusive programme catering only to the families and friends of Dolphin Discovery interaction programmes participants. You won't need to get into the water!

Dolphin Adventure

Get into deeper waters and build a more intimate bond with these elegant and graceful marine animals. Experience the euphoria that comes from a dolphin propelling you through the water on a bodyboard.

This experience will not be available till further notice.

Dolphin Trek

Go underwater and view beautiful dolphins from the eyes of a fish. A rare experience of treading on the lagoon floor and breathing in an underwater helmet as friendly dolphins come to you.

This experience will not be available till further notice.

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