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7 Themed Zones



Discover how shipwrecks become artificial reefs and home to sea creatures like the zebra shark at Shipwrecked!, one of our largest habitats.
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School of Fish

Discover 5,000 fishes, interact with marine animals at the Discovery Pool, test your marine knowledge, learn about Singapore's marine biodiversity and more at the School of Fish.
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Ocean Diversity

Our oceans are home to more than the colourful fishes we know and love. Come marvel at the diversity of marine life including octopus, dolphins and over 1,000 amazing sea jellies.
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Open Ocean Habitat

Our Open Ocean Habitat is teeming with life with over 40,000 marine creatures across 120 different species. Watch them glide majestically above you at the Ocean Dome!
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Quirky Adaptations

Our oceans are filled with so many wonderful creatures, some more other-worldly than others! Come be amazed by nature’s quirky characters including the elephant fish and poison arrow frogs.
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Underwater City

Discover the wonders of coral reefs. These city-like large underwater structures are important to the marine ecosystem. Come learn why and how we can play our part in saving them. 
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Apex Predators of the Sea

Come meet our 12 species of shark, over 100 apex predators of the sea, including the tawny nurse shark and the endangered scalloped hammerhead shark. 
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