Our Suppliers

Suppliers who wish to establish a business relationship with RWS are required to adopt the Ariba Network for their business transactions with RWS by registering for an account (Standard / Enterprise) in the Ariba Network which will enable Suppliers to: -
  ▸ Submit price proposals 
  ▸ Participate in Reverse Auction events 
  ▸ Receive and confirm PO 
  ▸ Create e-invoices 


Existing Supplier New Supplier

Log on to Ariba network 

Register your interest to supply 

Refer to our Supplier Onboarding Guide which contains step by step guide on how to perform business transactions with RWS

Supplier Bidder Registration Guide on how to register as a bidder with RWS


Useful Links

 Supplier FAQs

 Listing of suppliers frequently asked questions and answers 

 Video Guides

 Depository of “How To” videos including Account administration, PO management and e-Invoicing  

 Ariba Customer Support

 Contact for Ariba account registration and technical support

About Procurement

At Resorts World Sentosa, we operate our procurement activities and supply chains in a manner consistent with our values. Our Suppliers supply us with a wide range of products and services to support our businesses. The products and services supplied are an integral part of our operations and are instrumental in supporting our continuous effort to promote customer satisfaction and sustainability.

What We Purchase

We continuously seek new sources of goods and services to meet our requirements as we continue our journey to innovate and bring differentiated products and services that create "WOW" moments for our guests. Our diverse Integrated Resort portfolio encompasses:
▸ Food and Beverage (Food and Non Food) 
▸ Retail Merchandise
▸ Entertainment (artistes, performers, props and technical equipment) 
▸ Gaming (equipment and accessories) 
▸ Hotel Amenities 
▸ Marine exhibits 
▸ Building and Facilities maintenance services 
▸ Furniture Fitting & Equipment FFE and Operating Supplies & Equipment OSE 
▸ Outsourced services and labour 
▸ Professional services etc.

Business Ethics

We are committed to the highest ethical standards and corporate compliance and expect the same dedication from our Suppliers. Our preferred Suppliers are those that work with us in a professional, ethical, competitive, and cost-effective manner, consistent with RWS' policies, procedures and compliant with applicable laws and regulations. 

We screen all of our Suppliers according to the nature of the goods or services involved. Suppliers are assessed through our evaluation process for factors such as their technical competency, track record, product quality, service support, financial reliability, litigation history and ethical profile.

Supplier Code of Conduct

RWS' Supplier Code of Conduct is developed in accordance with our business values with the aim of promoting sustainable development together with our partners. We believe that sustainability is a shared responsibility and hope to inspire our Suppliers to do the same. 

This Code will apply to our Suppliers and their employees, contractors, agents and subsidiaries providing goods or services to RWS:-
▸ Ethics
▸ Environment
▸ Health and Safety 
▸ Labor and Human rights


RWS is committed to operate and grow our business while observing our sustainability commitment as outlined in our sustainability report:-
▸ Engage our community and our employees 
▸ Conserve the environment
▸ Conduct businesses ethically

We believe that sustainability is a shared responsibility and hope to inspire our Suppliers to do the same. We engage Suppliers who are committed to living up to the same expectations as outlined in our Supplier Code of Conduct.

PO Terms and Conditions

All Suppliers are required to meet our requirements as specified in RWS Purchase Order Terms and Conditions which includes

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