USS_Puss_In_Boots 750x422

The Dance For The Magic Beans

Watch Puss In Boots and Kitty Softpaws flaunt their feline flamenco moves.
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donkey live

Donkey Live

[Temporarily unavailable]

Join Shrek’s happy-go-lucky and flighty sidekick Donkey for his one-of-a-kind interactive show experience.
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USS New-York-Lights-Camera-Action 750x422

Lights, Camera, Action!

Be blown away with disbelief as a Grade 5 hurricane about to hit New York City fills an empty sound stage.
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USS Street-Entertainment-Rythm-Street 750x422

Rhythm Truck

Pop and lock to New York City beats with the Rhythm Truck 2.0 crew featuring all-new live percussion, breakdancing and more.
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USS Far-Far-Away-Shrek-4D 750x422

Shrek 4-D Adventure

Go beyond the expected 3D movie experience as you join Shrek and friends in this 4D fairy-tale honeymoon adventure
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USS The-Lost-World-Waterworld 750x422


[Temporarily unavailable]

Based on the blockbuster film, “Waterworld”, this spectacular reveals a tidal wave of death-defying stunts.
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