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Eutopia Quest

Congratulations, you deciphered the code and successfully sent a message to the people of 2022.

Through your efforts, they learned how a thousand years of climate change will eventually lead to violent storms, a blazing climate, long droughts and water shortages. In addition, the sea level will rapidly rise above even the most futuristic coastal cities, like Eutopia, putting an end to their glory days.

They also learned that greenhouse gases can accelerate climate change and cause these:


Regular violent storms


Storm systems draw their energy from warm ocean water, so hurricanes and typhoons grow more powerful with global warming.

Heatwaves and droughts


Increasing temperatures can lead to longer and hotter dry seasons, which can threaten water

and food supplies. Heat waves can even lead to wildfires!

Rising sea levels


Warmer temperatures melt polar ice and cause water to expand, increasing the volume of the world’s oceans. These result in higher sea levels 

and flooding, and whole cities like Singapore can eventually be engulfed!

You warned them that humanity is on the path to destruction, and that doom will be inevitable unless they start taking care of the environment. You taught them what to do for the sake of a better future:

1. Power it down when you’re not using it
Saving energy reduces the amount of fossil fuels burnt, which cuts down on the amount of greenhouse gases emitted.

2. Rely on public transport and carpooling
This reduces emission of gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

3. Finish your food
Believe it or not, food wastage is one of the biggest contributors of greenhouse gases!

Having sent the message, you hope that the people of 2022 will heed your words and share them with their family and friends. Together, they can change their present, and the future, for the better.

Thank you for completing this adventure!