Pre-school Programmes

Engage young learners in a range of programmes

where they will learn the importance of preserving the oceans

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The learning journey group size is subject to change in accordance with the government's latest safe management measures guidelines.

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S.E.A.A. Discovery Tour

Let the little ones discover the S.E.A.A. in this introductory tour that allows them to learn about types of marine animal friends, habitats and the importance of conserving the oceans.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify a variety of marine animals and their habitats
  • Identify simple characteristics that animals have 
  • Describe what they can do to help conserve the environment
Target Groups Duration Min/Max Size (per session)
N1 - N2 1hr 20-100

K1 - K2




Tiny Adventures: Colours of the Sea

Discover the myriad of colours in the oceans and learn how marine animals protect themselves from predators through camouflage. Learners can also identify and recognise primary and secondary colours through sing-along sessions and games.


Learning Objectives

  • Identify colours – red, yellow, blue, green, orange and purple
  • Explain how marine animals use their colours for protection
Target Groups Duration Min/Max Size (per session)

N1 - N2