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Learn how you can better create an impact for your students
through a deeper understanding of the marine ecosystem
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School bookings should be made at least 4 weeks in advance so as to enjoy special rates and secure the date and timeslot of your choice.

The learning journey group size is subject to change in accordance with the government's latest safe management measures guidelines.

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Tour-based for Educators

S.E.A.A. Discovery Tour

Discover the marine ecosystems and the roles and functions of the different species found in them. Learn about adaptations to environmental changes and how human actions affect the survival of the various organisms.


Learning Objectives

  • Define ‘ecosystem’ and the roles that different organism groups play
  • Recognise how human actions can affect the survival of various organisms
  • Explain how environmental changes can affect organisms’ survival
Target Groups Duration Min/Max Size (per session)



20 - 100

Classroom-based for Educators

S.E.A.A. Careers 

The sea’s the limit! Embark on this unique learning journey to learn about dream jobs and career options as you visit our working sites and gain exposure to what being a S.E.A.A. expert entails.


Learning Objectives 

  • Identify career-related prerequisites
  • Explain various scope of work of featured careers and visit their working space 
  • Identify educational qualifications and experiences that may be necessary 
Target Groups Duration Min/Max Size (per session)