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Pre-School Online Programmes

S.E.A.A. You Online: Coral Reefs

Hop onboard a virtual experience that takes learners on wanders through the ocean and marvel at the magnificence of coral reefs! Discover the importance of coral reef habitats and learn how we can take actions to protect them from the threats they face.


Learning Objectives

  • Identify coral reef habitats and their inhabitants
  • Compare differences between a healthy and an unhealthy habitat
  • Describe the importance of the coral reef habitats and identify the threats they faced
Target Group  Duration Min/Max (per session)
K1 - K2 40 minutes  10 - 80

Primary School Online Programmes

Available Topics:
1. Corals
2. Manta Rays
3. Sea Jellies
4. Sharks
5. Dolphins

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the characteristics and adaptations of the featured marine animal 
  • Give examples of threats that marine animals face and conservation efforts in a global context

Target Groups Duration Min/Max Size (per session)

P3 – P6 

45 minutes

10 - 80