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Adventure Cove Waterpark Map

13 Rides & Attractions

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Adventure River

Lay back and drift down Adventure River, taking in 14 stunning themed zones, including a jungle garden and grotto cave.
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Big Bucket Treehouse

Brace yourself for the tipping of the brimming buckets, just some of the many water plays loved by kids of all ages!
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Bluwater Bay

Frolic in this giant pool and feel your excitement build with the waves!
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Dueling Racer

Put your slide skills to the test against your partner on this thrilling two-lane waterslide in a race to the bottom.
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Pipeline Plunge

Get soaked in a dark tunnel, be surprised by radical twists and exhilarating dips before plunging into a pool of water.
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Rainbow Reef

Come snorkel around the most incredible rainbow reef and be stunned by the kaleidoscopic colours of 20,000 reef inhabitants.
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Ray Bay Encounter

Wade in with dozens of rays for an unforgettable, interactive feeding encounter.
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Riptide Rocket

Be prepared for a series of gravity-defying climbs and plummeting, twist and turns and adrenaline-pumping drops.
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Seahorse Hideaway

Let your little ones have a splashing good time dodging the squirting seahorses in a wading pool as you watch on.
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Tidal Twister

What begins as a gentle flume ride soon descends into multiple swirls, sending you careening at maximum speed and fun!
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Whirlpool Washout

Get carried at high speed through spinning revolutions and whirlpool before ‘washing out’ into an open splash pool.
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Spiral Washout

Get funnelled down an exhilarating tube ride and sent reeling at incredible speeds. It’s a washout of epic proportions!
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[Temporarily Unavailable]
Stack on challenge after challenge. The insane fun includes challenging water activities over a welcoming deep pool.
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