Published: 18 May 2021

Conquer Home-Based Learning With These Fun Activities


With schools starting full home-based learning (HBL) from May 19 until May 28 amid the recent spike in Covid-19 cases in Singapore, and parents working from home as much as possible, we know it can be a tough time for both parents and children alike. 

Not only are work-life boundaries starting to blur, stretched parents have to juggle both work commitments and their child’s learning needs. And with the official directive to stay home as much as possible, we understand how challenging it can be to expend the little ones’ boundless energy, let alone spare time for some precious me-time. 
Well, although we can’t ease your workload, we can help break the monotony of staying home with these fun and educational activities that can involve the whole family and provide a well-deserved breather. Here are our top picks:




Squeeze in a workout

Thinking of working out but don’t know where to start? Check out our #MotivationalMondays playlist on Youtube for inspiration! From beneficial stretches that’ll ease stiff limbs to workout routines that can be incorporated into daily chores, there’s definitely something for everyone.


Milo cake


Delicious recipes

And if you’re inspired to cook up a storm (again), our chefs are all set to share their go-to recipes. From local favourites like chilli crab with fried mantous, Hongkong-style bean curd pork rice and crackling pork belly, to desserts like fluffy soufflé omelettes and yummy Milo cake with frosting for tea, we’ve got plenty of easy-to-follow recipes for you to try at home.


SEA Aquarium Fun Academy Toilet Roll Fish


Fun activities

Learning doesn’t have to be boring - especially when you’re getting to know about fascinating marine animals and ocean conservation. Running out of ideas to keep your child occupied? Try making a DIY Aquarium or Fish Handprint Card at home for hours of creative entertainment. Otherwise, these brain teasers are sure to provide lots of educational fun. Check them all out here.




Immersive experience with marine life

A visit to the S.E.A. Aquarium is now a couple of clicks away. Ever imagined having a majestic manta ray glide through your living room? Or a hammerhead shark just chilling out with you in your bedroom, as you discover fun facts about cartilaginous fish and more? Well, it’s now possible with S.E.A. Aquarium’s new Augmented Reality feature - find out more about it here




Go behind the S.E.A.A.

And if you’d like to find out more about how the Aquarium is being run, go Behind the S.E.A.A. with us and learn how sea jellies are cared for, why vitamins and garlic is good for our marine animals, and more. 

What else do you do to keep things fun and interesting for your child at home during this period? Share them with us! 


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