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We are aware of a notice, purportedly issued by Resorts World Genting, being circulated to contractors inviting them to participate in our waterfront project through a direct negotiation contract and transferring S$3,000 to a certain bank account.  Please disregard this notice and do not respond to it.  This is not issued by Resorts World Genting, Resorts World Sentosa or any entity in the Genting Group.  Should you have any queries or require clarifications, please email:

Be Our Supplier

Suppliers who wish to establish a business relationship with RWS must adopt the Ariba Network for their business transactions with RWS by registering for an account, enabling Suppliers to: 

  • Submit price proposals 
  • Participate in Reverse Auction events 
  • Receive and confirm PO 
  • Create e-invoices


RWS has adopted the Ariba Network for better collaboration between us and our suppliers. Ariba assists in simplifying the order and payment processes for suppliers, and for transactions to be done electronically. 

As a registered supplier on RWS’ Ariba Network, you’ll be able to respond to our requests conveniently and much more efficiently. Get started now.

After registering, please refer to the guides below for more information.

PO Terms and Conditions
All Suppliers must meet our requirements as specified in RWS Purchase Order Terms and Conditions, including:

Suppliers' Enablement

With a wide variety of suppliers providing both goods and services to us, we understand that each of them belongs to a specific stage in the procurement process. As such, we segment suppliers according to their roles, corresponding to the following stages for clarity and efficiency.

Code of Conduct

RWS’ Supplier Code of Conduct is developed in accordance with our business values, promoting sustainable development with our partners. We believe that sustainability is a shared responsibility and hope to inspire our suppliers to do the same.

For further enquiries, you may drop us an email at

You can also contact Ariba Customer Support for any Ariba account registration issues and/or technical support.

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