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Sustainable Procurement

RWS's sustainable procurement is anchored on four focus areas to drive material impact along the supply chain.

Focus Area #1: Sustainable Sources

[Materials used/ harvested in ways that do not deplete or permanently damage the source]

At the start of the supply chain, we are committed to identifying sustainable sources for our key material categories, including food and beverages, hotel amenities, live animal feed and pulp-based materials without compromising the quality of goods and services procured. 

Focus Area #2: Supply Chain Assurance

[Drive certification and compliance to support sustainable business]

Since 2018, we began to holistically assess ESG risk exposure in our supply chain. For suppliers who are identified as high risk or fail to meet minimum ESG standards, we seek to find alternative suppliers or not assign any high-risk activities.

Focus Area #3: Environmental Impact

[Minimise environmental impact of “used” products sourced]

Besides material and supplier selection, we also limit our environment footprint across all waste categories. In 2019, we received the Top Achievement award at the Singapore Packaging Agreement Awards. Our move to eliminate the use of single-use bottled water has saved more than 130 tonnes of packaging waste. We will continue to champion packaging waste reduction efforts to drive material impact along our supply chain.

Focus Area #4: Supply Chain Influence

[Drive supply chain Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) activities and SCoC]

We partner with suppliers who share the same values as us. Since 80% of our spending are locally sourced, we are in a good position to drive and influence our supply chain towards sustainable business practices. This is achieved via:

  • Joint supplier development projects for new innovative sustainable solutions,
  • Incorporating sustainable requirement into RWS specifications/scope of work,
  • Paving the way of how business transactions are being conducted electronically.

All our suppliers have to comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct as part of our Purchase Orders Standard Terms and Conditions. The Code of Conduct sets out our expectations for Ethical Business Practice, Labour and Human Rights, Health and Safety and Environmental Responsibility.


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