Sustainable Procurement

RWS’s sustainable procurement is anchored on three pillars to drive material impact along the supply chain.

Focus Area #1: Reduce Social and Environmental Impact

(Materials used/harvested in ways so that sources are not depleted/permanently damaged including integrating circularity in sourcing and minimize environmental impact of used products sourced)

We are committed to identifying sustainable sources for our key material categories, including food and beverages, hotel amenities, and other disposables without compromising the quality of goods and services procured. In addition, 88% of our procured products and services are locally sourced to support the local supply chain and reduce our carbon footprint.

Focus Area #2: Advocate and Drive Supply Chain

(Incorporate sustainability considerations in the supply chain system and drive supply chain Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) activities and SCoC)

We partner with suppliers who share the same values. We incorporate sustainability considerations in our award decisions and influence our supply chain towards sustainable business practices via joint supplier development projects for new and innovative sustainable solutions. Our suppliers have to comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct as part of our Purchase Orders (PO) Standard Terms and Conditions. The Code of Conduct sets out our expectations for Ethical Business Practice, Labour and Human Rights, Health and Safety and Environmental Responsibility.

Focus Area #3: Enhance Compliance and Corporate Governance

(Drive certification and compliance to support sustainable business including fair and transparent business practices)

RWS adopts fair and ethical tendering and supplier selection processes and abides by a rigorous set of criteria for evaluation of all potential suppliers including price, quality, track record, technical competency, financial stability, service support and sustainability initiatives. All business transactions are conducted electronically to ensure full compliance, governance, transparency and audit trail. We establish goals, monitor performances in sustainable procurement and drive certifications across our supply chain based on established certifications documented in Procurement Sustainability playbook.


Download the Sustainable Procurement Policy (PDF)

Download the Sourcing Guidelines for Suppliers (PDF)