Food Security

RWS - Sustainability - Eating well with local produce

Food security is a pressing issue in Singapore, affecting one in ten Singaporeans. With rising food costs, it has become imperative to take action to address the issue and ensure that everyone has access to the basic human need of healthy, nutritious food.


We are excited to partner with Food from the Heart (FFTH), an Institute of Public Character registered charity that feeds the underprivileged in Singapore, to make available fresh local produce at their four community shops across Singapore. These community shops function as a minimart for beneficiaries, operating on a shop-for-free concept for beneficiaries to visit and choose any selection of food items throughout the whole year.


Through the RWS Eat Well Programme, we’ve committed $300,000 for over 2,000 families supported by FFTH to access fresh local produce. Keep a look out for us as we continue to support local families get nutritious food on their plates!