Hard Rock 酒店
Hard Rock 酒店场地让您的活动办得如火如荼。
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Want your next event to make a statement? Then our event spaces at Hard Rock Hotel will have your guests talking.


When you want to put on a rock star party, The Coliseum is just the ticket for large-scale outdoor extravaganzas while Rock Bar Terrace dazzles for intimate cocktail parties by the pool. You also have a choice of 5 flexible function rooms that cater to small banquets, seminars and training sessions designed for events with an edge.

Important Notes


新加坡首家 Hard Rock 酒店的多功能厅可供举办研讨会、全体会议和宴会等私密活动。所有多功能厅均配备宽带网络以及嵌入式视听设施。多功能厅位于酒店的商务中心,紧邻现代化餐饮场所。

  • 5 间多功能厅可供您选择,座位排布灵活多样
  • 自然采光