Tidak Sabar untuk Bertemu Anda Lagi

Meskipun resor tutup saat ini, dengan tekun kami tetap mempersiapkan kedatangan Anda kembali. Dari menerima sertifikasi SG Clean, hingga meningkatkan upaya menjaga jarak aman di seluruh resor, kami tidak sabar untuk kembali menyambut Anda dengan tangan terbuka dan bahagia. 

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Attractions FAQ

Advanced Reservations

1. Why do I need to make advanced reservation when I have already purchased a ticket or holding Annual or Season Pass? 


As a SG Clean accredited organisation, Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) has implemented enhanced safe management measures to ensure guests and team members are protected every step of the visitor journey. 

Among the measures is an advanced reservation system where Annual or Season Passholders and guests with the following type of tickets are required to make reservation at https://sdm.rwsentosa.com prior to visiting the park:

Tickets with no fixed dates (e.g. valid from 1 July to 30 September)
Tickets purchased before 30 June 2020, with date of visit from 6 April 2020
Annual or Season Pass Tickets with no fixed dates (e.g. valid from 1 July to 30 September)
Annual or Season Pass Tickets purchased before 30 June 2020, with date of visit from 6 April 2020
Annual or Season Pass collection slips
Annual or Season Pass (physical or e-Card)

Advanced reservation is also applicable to tickets purchased from resellers, online platforms or Travel Agents. For guests holding on to reseller vouchers, redemption of tickets will be available at ticketing booths subject to availability on the same day. Guests are required to adhere to safe management measures at all times.

2. How do I know if tickets are available on the Advanced Reservation website?

The availability will be clearly indicated on the website and you will be prompted to select a different date if it is fully booked. 

3. Can I make a reservation through the ticketing booth or call centre?

Reservation is only available online at https://sdm.rwsentosa.com currently. 

4. How many reservations can I make at one time?

Please note that we allow only one reservation for one day at any one time. Passholders may not make another reservation until after 11.59pm of the day you have already reserved. Multipark Passholders/Ticket holders can make one reservation per park at any one time.

5. How many guests can I register on behalf of for the reservation? Is there a limit to the group size?

The total number of guests per booking is limited to 10, including yourself.  Each accompanying guests will need to register with a valid Ticket ID or Pass ID. However, when visiting the park, you are advised to come in a group not more than 5.

6. Can I make a reservation without purchasing a ticket?

No, you will not be able to make a reservation without a valid ticket or pass.

If you do not hold a ticket, you may purchase tickets at www.rwsentosa.com. Tickets are limited daily and on first-come first-served basis. Tickets purchased on RWS website from 30 June 2020, 8am will be dated and do not require advanced reservations.

7. What happens if I cannot make it on the day that I have made a reservation for?

Tickets used to make reservations will be deemed as used and cannot be reused to make another reservation. 

For “no-show” by Passholders, the next reservation can only be made again after 3 days from the “no-show” date, subject to availability. 

If you require assistance regarding your reservations, please contact us via enquiry form at least 2 days in advance.

8. Is a reservation required for children below the age of 4 years old?

For children below 4 years old, reservations will not be required. However, entry to the park is subject to enhanced safe management measures. 

9. Is there a time frame as to when my reservations will be released? How long will you hold my reservations?

Reservations will be kept until the end of the operating hours of the visit date. 

10. Will I be allowed entry if I did not bring my ticket despite having made a reservation? 

No. Physical ticket must be presented and scanned for entry into the parks.

11. Will I be able to enter the park if I brought a ticket which is not registered for advanced reservation? 

No. You will only be able to enter the park with the corresponding ticket for which the reservation is made. 

12. Am I guaranteed entry to the Park if I have an e-ticket or advanced reservation for that day?

Yes. Our maximum daily capacity for the park is controlled at the point of ticket sales and reservations. Therefore, as a long as you have an advanced reservation confirmation slip or valid e-ticket, we will accommodate you. However, do note that you may experience a delay at the main entrance due to the safe management measures we are taking to ensure everyone’s wellbeing.

13. Do I need to make a reservation if I want to renew my Annual or Season Pass?

Renewal of Annual or Season Pass will be temporarily suspended during this period. However, you may continue to enjoy the membership benefits until the expiry of your pass. For updates on the Annual or Season Pass, please visit our website for the latest information. 

Annual or Season Pass

1. I am an Annual or Season Passholder. Is there any extension due to the park closure?

Passholders whose Universal Studios Singapore or S.E.A. Aquarium Passes expire from 6 April 2020 and Adventure Cove Waterpark Passes expire from 18 March 2020 onwards are eligible for the extension. The number of days extended will be equivalent to the period from the date on which park operations were suspended to our reopening date

For illustration purposes, assuming that the park is closed on 6 April 2020 and reopens on 5 July 2020, a total of 90 days will be added to your membership. If you are holding on to an Annual or Season Pass which expires on 30 September 2020, total closure of 90 days will be added on to your pass and your new expiry date will be 29 December 2020. 

2. What do I need to do for the extension of my Annual or Season Pass?

No action is required on your part. The extension will be updated automatically in our system. You may continue to use your existing card to enjoy membership benefits.

3. I have not received my Annual or Season Pass after sending in the application. How do I collect my card and what will happen to my expiry date?

No action is required on your part. The extension will be updated automatically in our system. You may continue to use your existing card to enjoy membership benefits. If you have not collected your pass, an e-card will be sent to you via email when ready.

4. I was previously informed that my Annual Pass for Adventure Cove Waterpark will be extended by six weeks. Now that the park is still closed, will I get a further extension? 

While Adventure Cove Waterpark remains suspended until further notice, Passholders will receive a complimentary extension to their membership. The extension will be equal to the duration of time that the park was closed.

5. Can I sign up for the Attractions Annual / Season Passes?

All sales and renewal of Attractions Annual and Season Passes are temporarily suspended until further notice.

6. Why do I have to select a time slot to visit Universal Studios Singapore?

Passholders are required to make advanced reservations with time slots for entry to help us to stagger entry flow and prevent overcrowding at all times. This is part of our Safe Management Measures to ensure the safety of all our guests and Team Members during your visit to Universal Studios Singapore. 

7. I tried booking for a 2pm entry time slot but it was full. Can I book the 5pm time slot and come earlier instead?
Passholders will only be allowed entry from the time slot they have booked for. If you have selected the 5pm time slot, you can only enter the park after 5pm.   This will also be indicated clearly on your confirmation email. 

8. How much time can I spend in the park if I select the earlier time slot?

You may stay in the park as long as you like, until the park is closed.

9. If I have been booked under the 5pm entry time slot and have purchased the Priority Entry Special, am I allowed to visit the park earlier?
Yes, only if you have purchased the Priority Entry Special online will you be allowed to enter the park from 12pm onwards. 


Visiting the park

1. Can I still purchase tickets on-site?

Presently, purchase of tickets are only available online at www.rwsentosa.com. Please visit our website regularly for updates on ticket sales.

2. Is there a time limit to my stay within the park? 

You may stay in the park for as long as the park is open. 

3. Do I need to bring my NRIC/ID for verification on the day of visit?

Registered guests and Passholders will only need to present the following for verification prior to entry into the Park:
a. A confirmation email; and 
b. A valid Annual Pass, Season Pass or open-dated ticket showing the Ticket or Pass IDs used in the reservation.  
c. If you purchase Singapore Resident tickets, a valid Republic of Singapore issued birth certificate/Photo National ID/Work Permit/Student Pass. ID is required for entry.

However, as part of our enhanced safe management measures, you may be required to use your ID for SafeEntry check-in and out.  

4. My friend / family member is sick, can I replace his/her name with someone else?

Reservations made are non-transferrable. If you require assistance with your reservations, please submit your request via the enquiry form at least 2 days in advance

Guests who are not feeling well are advised to stay at home and seek medical attention.

5. Will your operating hours remain the same as before the circuit breaker?

There will be a temporary revision to the operating hours at our parks:
Universal Studios Singapore will operate from Thursday to Sunday, 2:00pm to 9:00pm
S.E.A. Aquarium will operate from Saturday to Tuesday, 10:00am to 5:00pm
Adventure Cove Waterpark remains closed until further notice

For the latest information on our operating hours, please visit our website for updates.

6. Why have you revised your operating hours?

With the health, safety and well-being of our guests and team members as top priority, we are taking a careful, controlled and progressive approach to open four days a week with revised operating hours in this initial phase of reopening. 

7. Can I exit and re-enter the park?

Re-entry to the park is allowed during operating hours, subject to the flow of guests at the point of re-entry.

8. Do I need to wear masks on fast-moving rides such as Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs. CYLON™?

All guests are required to wear their masks at all times in the park, except when eating or drinking.

9. If I have lost or damaged my mask, will there masks for purchase?

For guests requiring a new set of masks, masks are available for purchase at the retail outlets.

10. What are the rides available at Universal Studios Singapore?

All rides will be available except Amber Rock Climb and Magic Potion Spin until further notice.

11. Will there be any shows at Universal Studios Singapore?

No, all shows at Universal Studios Singapore are suspended until further notice.

12. How many F&B and retail outlets will be open?

A wide selection of F&B/retail outlets and carts are available in the park. However, due to enhanced safety measures, some F&B/retail outlets may be temporarily closed during this period. More details are available on our website and in-park collaterals.

13. Are there Halal-certified restaurants in Universal Studios Singapore?

Yes, Halal-certified restaurants are available. You can refer to Universal Studios Singapore park map by downloading the USS App for exact restaurants.

14. Can I dine in the F&B outlets when I visit the park?

Yes, you may dine in selected F&B outlets in the park, subject to availability of seats and not more than 5 people in a group.

15. Are contactless payment available in the parks?

Yes, contactless payment is available at most locations. Please approach our staff at the point of purchase for assistance.

16. Are wheelchairs and strollers still be available for rent? And how are you sanitizing them?

Wheelchairs and strollers are available for rent.  As part of our commitment to create a safe environment for our guests, we have enhanced SG Clean measures with intensive and frequent cleaning and disinfection.

17. Are locker services available? And how are you sanitizing them?

Lockers services are available for rental.  As part of our commitment to create a safe environment for our guests, we have enhanced SG Clean measures with intensive and frequent cleaning and disinfection.

18. Will there be any events or public feeding session at S.E.A. Aquarium™?

No, all shows, events and public feeding sessions at S.E.A. Aquarium™ are suspended until further notice. 

19. Am I allowed to bring in a skate scooter to Universal Studios Singapore?

Only Electric Convenience Vehicles are permitted inside the park.

20. Are there facilities for guests with disabilities in Universal Studios Singapore?

At Universal Studios Singapore, we strive to create an environment that is accessible to everyone. Please refer to the Rider's Guide for boarding procedures and specific information related to each attraction. Additionally, all restaurants, stores, toilets, lockers and common areas are accessible to guests using wheelchairs.

21. Are there photography restrictions within the park?

Photography and videography are permitted, but not while experiencing the attractions. Production cameras and drones are not allowed inside the park. For enquiries on wedding photography please email VIPExperience@RWSentosa.com.

22. Are there age, height or weight restrictions for the attractions in Universal Studios Singapore?

For your own safety, there are minimum requirements for each ride, attractions and programs. Please refer to rider's guide for each Universal Studios Singapore individual attraction requirement.

23. Is there a nursing room at the attractions area?

Yes. There is. Please approach our friendly staffs for the exact location.

24. Are there prayer rooms in Universal Studios Singapore?

The nearest prayer room is inside Universal Studios Singapore, between Sci-Fi City and Ancient Egypt zones (theme park admission ticket required for access). This facility is temporary closed till further notice.

25. What is the purpose of the facial recognition system?

Resorts World Sentosa has implemented facial recognition at Universal Studios Singapore as part of our resort-wide transformation to enhance the guest experience through new technology and innovation.

Facial recognition is a biometric technology that reduces our reliance on manual validation of admission tickets and speeds up the process of verifying our guests at various visitor touch points. It is among our latest innovation efforts to provide a more efficient and seamless experience for our guests to enjoy our exciting products and offerings.

26. How does the facial recognition system benefit Guests? 

After registering the digital image of their faces at the theme park, Universal Studios Singapore Annual and Season Passholders can authenticate their facial images through facial recognition technology. This allows Passholders to enter, exit or re-enter the theme park at greater ease and speed without the need to produce their physical passes. For the same convenience, guests with day admission tickets will have a digital image of their faces registered at the ticket gantry while concurrently scanning their admission tickets. 

27. How will you ensure my privacy by scanning and storing my facial image?

Resorts World Sentosa is fully committed to protecting the personal data and privacy of our guests. We would like to assure you that facial images are used only for the purposes of access management, personalised guest experience, operational improvement, safety and security. Our facial recognition platform is securely hosted within Resorts World Sentosa and the personal data of our guests are safeguarded and kept strictly confidential.

28. Are there alternatives to facial recognition technology to enter and exit the theme park?

Facial recognition is now an essential part of the admission process to Universal Studios Singapore. Guests who have queries or concerns can approach our Guests Services located at the park entrance for assistance.

Virtual queues for rides at Universal Studios Singapore

29. What is a ‘virtual queue’?

For your safety and convenience, ‘virtual queue’ will be implemented for select rides once the particular ride has reached its queue capacity. This will minimise your time spent queuing and allow you to explore the rest of the park and return to the ride at a designated time. 

30.  Where can I get a virtual queue ticket?

If you arrive at a ride with a full queue you will be issued a ticket with a designated return time by one of our team members. Each member of a party must be present to collect their respective virtual queue tickets. Do note that queue tickets will only be distributed once the queue for that ride is full.

31. How many virtual queue tickets can I collect at a time? 

Each guest can only hold one virtual queue ticket at any one time. Once the virtual queue ticket has been redeemed, you can collect another one for the same ride or another ride.  

32. What do I do with my virtual queue ticket?

You will need to return to the ride during the 20-minute time slot indicated on your virtual queue ticket, approach the team member at the entrance of the ride and present your ticket. Please do note that you may be required to rejoin the physical queue for your allocated slot, and we will allow you to take the ride as soon as possible. 

33. What happens if I lose my virtual queue ticket? 

You will be required to return to the ride to get another ticket. Kindly note that this would be subject to availability.

34. If I miss my allocated slot, can I take the next available ride?

No. You will be required to get another ticket for the next available allocated time slot.

35. Are virtual queue tickets issued for all rides? 

No, virtual queue tickets are only issued for Canopy FlyerTM and Enchanted Airways.

Restaurants FAQ

Tunjukkan kepada Saya Semua


1. Which outlets are currently open for dine-in? 


The following outlets are now open for dine-in: Feng Shui Inn, Ocean Restaurant, Osia Steak & Seafood Grill, Syun, table65 and Malaysian Food Street.

2. Do you have any takeaway or delivery options? 

Malaysian Food Street offers takeaway (self-pick-up) and delivery options via foodpanda. You may call our Hotline at 8140 7228 to place your order from 10.30am - 8pm (Tue & Wed) or 10.30am - 9pm (Thu-Sun). 

3. Must I make a reservation to dine-in at the restaurants? 

If you’ve chosen to dine at a restaurant, we encourage you to make a reservation to avoid disappointment. (Not required for Malaysian Food Street) You can either choose the first or second meal seating. 

4. What safe management measures are in place at the restaurants? 

  • SafeEntry scanning at the entrance
  • Temperature checks upon entry 
  • Social distancing floor markers 
  • Automatic hand sanitiser dispensers are available at all high-touch points and entry points
  • Tabletop shields upon request 
  • Tables are arranged at least 1 meter apart
  • Food will be individually plated, and served covered
  • Cutlery is presented only when you are seated
  • Tables, chairs, serving trays, wine buckets and all high-touch points like menu tablets are cleaned and disinfected after every dining session
  • Disposable utensils (Only at Malaysian Food Street)

5. Do you offer complimentary parking when I dine at your F&B establishments? 

Enjoy complimentary parking when you spend a minimum of $50 at any of the participating outlets within a single receipt. View here for the list of participating outlets. 

Hotels FAQ


1. What is your cancellation policy?

Yes. However, any cancellation or amendment must be made 48 hours before the confirmed check-in date. All cancellations or changes must be made by email to enquiries@rwsentosa.com.  

2. What if I made my reservation through a third party?

For third-party bookings through travel agents or booking sites (Agoda, Booking.com, etc.) please contact them directly for any cancellation.


1. What time can I check-in?

Check-in begins from 3pm and is subject to room availability. However, to avoid overcrowding in the lobby, we have implemented staggered check-in times. Each 1-hour time slot allows a maximum of 30 check-ins.

2. Can I choose my check-in time slot?

Yes. As part of our Safe Management Measures, it is compulsory to specify your preferred check-in time.

3. How do I choose my check-in time slot?

Please specify your preferred check-in time here.

4. Can I change my check-in time slot after my booking has been confirmed?

Yes, subject to availability.

4. If I arrive at the hotel before or after my time slot, can I still check in?

Yes, but priority will be given to guests who have arrived within their time slot.

Food & Beverages

1. What time is breakfast at the hotel? 

Breakfast is available from 7am to 10am daily at Pizzeria, located at Hotel Michael lobby.

2. How will the hotel breakfast be served?

There will be different set menus for you to select from.

3. What safe management measures are in place at the restaurants? 

  • SafeEntry scanning at the entrance
  • Temperature checks upon entry 
  • Social distancing floor markers 
  • Automatic hand sanitiser dispensers are available at all high-touch points and entry points
  • Tabletop shields upon request 
  • Tables are arranged at least 1 meter apart
  • Food will be individually plated, and served covered
  • Cutlery is presented only when you are seated
  • Tables, chairs, serving trays, wine buckets and all high-touch points like menu tablets are cleaned and disinfected after every dining session
  • Disposable utensils (Only at Malaysian Food Street)


1. Which facilities will be available during my visit?

The gym and swimming pool will be opened.   

2. Are there any changes to the opening hours for the facilities?

The gym and swimming pool will be opened from 8am to 8pm daily. 

3. Can I just walk in and use the facilities during the opening hours? 

No. You will be required to reserve a time slot by dialing 0 from your room.
Otherwise, please specify your preferred date and time here after indicating your preferred check-in time. 

4. Do I need to wear a mask within the facilities?

You do not have to wear a mask while working out at the gym. However, please be reminded that you are required to at all other times.

5. Are there safe management measures at the facilities?

Yes. Here are some of them: 

  • Temperature checks at the entrance 
  • Limited machinery for safe distancing 
  • Attendant onsite 


1. When will Festive Hotel and Hard Rock Hotel Singapore be opened?

Both hotels will be closed until further notice. Please visit our social platforms and website for updates.

2. Will I be provided with a face mask?

Yes. It is included in the safety kit in your room. 

3. What do I do if my body temperature feels high or I am unwell?

You can request for a thermometer by dialing 0 in your room. If your temperature is 37.5 degrees (Celsius) and above, we will suggest you consult a doctor immediately or we can assist you in calling an ambulance. 

4. Are there safe management measures at the hotels?

Yes. Here are some of them, however for the full list, please view here

  • SafeEntry scanning upon entry
  • Temperature checks at the entrance 
  • Social distancing floor markers 
  • Contactless sanitisation in lobby area
  • Key card sanitisation
  • Deep cleaning of carpet and upholstery in rooms between check-ins
  • Sterilised bed linen

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