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Now – 25 Feb

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Chocolate Prosperi-tree

Sweeten your fortunes with this irresistible chocolate bonsai tree, decorated with mandarin orange truffles, edible gold ingots and coins, plus more.

Feng Shui Inn Yu Sheng

Lift your spirits and good fortune higher with this gorgeous yu sheng of sustainably caught lobster, seaweed, Cantharellus mushroom and more.

Prosperity Pen Cai

Highlight your reunion dinner at home with a decadent pot of premium ingredients like 6-head abalone, sea cucumber, German pork knuckle and others.

Triple Happiness Nian Gao

Multiply your joy with each bite as you taste the harmony of brown sugar, coconut milk, and organic purple glutinous rice in this all-time favourite.

Fortune-filled Yam Cake

Bond over tea paired with the irresistible texture and fragrance of taro cake topped with an abundance of sundried Chinese sausage and conpoy.

Precious Mala Delight

Savour a delectable combination of brown sugar with a hint of mala fragrance, layered on fluffy Cantonese sponge cake – a modern classic.

Golden Ingot Nian Gao

Enjoy this set of nine auspicious nian gao ingots infused with fragrant coconut, which are perfect for both cooking and as gifts during visits.

'Ong Lai’ Treasure Box

Bring prosperity home or gift it to loved ones with this box of buttery, melt-in-your-mouth tarts shaped as auspicious ingots and pineapples.

Bountiful Hamper

Give friends and loved ones the gift of abundance with our hamper of auspicious items like cognac, abalone, bird’s nest and other premium delights.