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Published: 1 March 2023


S.E.A.A. Citizen Science Programme


19 February 2023 - In the first of its kind, the S.E.A.A. Research and Conservation team kickstarted a citizen science programme by training the first batch of citizen scientists, together with some volunteers from Sentosa Development Corporation. The team was trained by National Parks Board in December as this survey will be consistent with their Intertidal Watch methodology, allowing for sharing of data to facilitate long-term monitoring and conservation planning. 


Citizen Science Prog


On Saturday, 18th February, the participants sat through an online training, learning about the survey methodology as well as a crash course on intertidal species identification. Come Sunday, 19th February, the citizen scientists gathered at Sentosa's Coastal Trail to try their hands on the survey during low tide. Out of 22 volunteers, 9 were volunteers from S.E.A.A. and 13 were from SDC. The survey was a fruitful one, with many Intertidal Watch veterans helping to facilitate the survey. Overall, participants expressed interest to join the next iteration of the citizen science survey. 


Citizen Science Prog