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HeadRock VR

Have you ever imagined yourself rafting across extremely strong currents, firing at enemies while precariously balancing off the edge of a high-rise building and bracing yourself against a stormy blizzard that threatens to blow you away?

Opening for the first time ever in Singapore is one of the biggest VR Theme Parks in Southeast Asia - Xtreme Virtual Reality (VR) promises to bring out the adventurer in you with an unforgettable, larger-than-life experience.

With different themes and 11 Xtreme attractions to choose from, a thrilling adventure awaits!

Jam Buka:

Setiap Hari: 10.00 – 20.00

(Terakhir Masuk: 19.00)





(+65) 6963 4609

Harga Tiket (SGD)

Jenis Tiket BIG 7
(7 Wahana)
(5 Wahana)
(3 Wahana)

Pembukaan Spesial  17 Nov - 16 Des 2018
Promo Pembukaan 55 43 30
Paket Keluarga Khusus Pembukaan Nikmati diskon 30% jika Anda membeli 3 paket atau lebih
Promo MasterCard SISTIC 52 40 28
Harga Standar  17 Des 2018 dan setelahnya
Promo MasterCard SISTIC
hingga 31 Jan 2019
58,50 45 31,50
Harga Standar 65 50 35
Paket Keluarga Nikmati diskon 15% jika Anda membeli 3 paket atau lebih

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