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You’ve done extensive research in planning a trip to Singapore: you’ve trawled through multiple travel websites telling you all about the iconic attractions in Singapore, hotels in Singapore and the best restaurants in Singapore. While many of these are definite must-visits, if you’re looking for that off-the-beaten-track authentic Singapore experience, then we’ve got you covered.

Here are 10 things to do in Singapore, as recommended by Singaporeans themselves.

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Visit: Beaches in Singapore

As with any tropical island, a trip to sunny Singapore is not complete without a day out at the beach. Singapore’s white sandy beaches are leisure hotspots (pun intended) for locals and tourists alike – they are clean, easy to get to, and offer something for everyone. And while there many other clean and accessible beaches in the world, here are 7 reasons why beaches in Singapore continue to attract flocks of tourists every year.

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Eat: 10 local dishes to try

You’ve not been to Singapore until you’ve tried at least these 10 dishes. The great thing is, most of them are incredibly affordable, and can easily be found at most neighbourhood coffee shops and shopping mall food courts, and mid-range restaurants. Remember to give each dish a try when you are here in Singapore.

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Eat: How to order local coffee

Unlike the lattes and double shots of European coffee, to order local coffee requires mastery of a special Kopi and Teh vocabulary used only in Singapore. Even locals can find it tricky when trying to customise a cup. Here are 4 simple but comprehensive steps to get your exact drink of choice when you next visit Singapore.

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Nightlife in Singapore

If you Google images of Singapore, chances are you’ll find one of the city’s skyline at night. And the images don’t lie – Singapore does have a vibrant nightlife. Sure, most shops and hawker stalls close by 10pm, but there’s still quite a bit you can do in Singapore even at midnight.

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