Universe of Sound
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Universe of Sound

Date: 20 October 2018
Time: 10am
Venue:Resorts World Convention Centre, Virgo
All Access Pass at SGD160
Concert Only at SGD60

Join the Universe of Sound Festival happening in Singapore on 20 October 2018! The Universe of Sound Festival is a non-profit event conceptualised to allow participants to experience the transformative effects of sound, frequencies and music at the deepest level and facilitate the understanding of sound as a healing and wellness-inducing modality. The festival comprises talks and workshops conducted by internationally renowned speakers and practitioners, performances by local and international sound practitioners, carefully curated to deliver a comprehensive and holistic experience for everyone. If you are a fan of sound meditation, don’t miss this one-day only festival to learn how to clear your mind and explore audio as a tool for deep meditation.

9.30am Registration
10am – 11am Keynote speaker: John Sharpley
Topic: Empowering through Sound: Science and Spirit of Sound Healing
11am – 12pm Speaker 2: Yen Lu Chow
Topic: Sound and its Impact on the Deep Human
12pm – 1pm Speaker 3: Cynthia Zhai
Topic: The Healing Power of the Human Voice
1pm – 2:30pm Lunch break
2:30pm – 4pm Breakout session A: John Sharpley
Topic: Awareness & Sonic Elements: An Experential Journey
  Breakout session B: Pamela Akasha Kaur
Topic: How Movement & Sound Heals: Kundalini yoga with Gong Bath
  Breakout session C: Amelia Kang
Topic: Sound & Stress Relief: Toning for Balance
4pm – 6pm Tea Break
6pm – 7pm Closing concert: Sammasati (Remember)
Performers: Akiko, Amanda, Amelia

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