Street Delights

Having curated the best street food from around the region, come discover these hidden gems known only to street smart locals, now an open secret for you to indulge in.

Ayam Penyet Belado

Founded by Chef Faizal Admodirdjo, Waroeng Kita is famous for its delicious Ayam Penyet Belado. Originating from East Java, Indonesia, Ayam Penyet means "smashed chicken" in Javanese. The chicken is first marinated with a mouth-watering blend of aromatic herbs and spices, before being deep-fried to perfection.


Braised Pork Leg with Rice

A family business passed down from generation to generation, come discover one of Bangkok's favourite street foods at the one and only Zong Khamoo! Serving up beloved Thai Khao Kha Moo, or Braised Pork Leg on Rice, this 40 year old restaurant is run by Chef Zong, and uses a unique recipe that combines Kha Moo and Chinese five-spice pork. Slathered with a delectable secret gravy, it's no wonder that this humble but popular establishment has drawn in countless fans queuing for a bite each and every day, and a must-try for any foodie.


Claypot Chicken Rice

Cooked in a traditional clay pot, it is said that the medium helps enhance the rich flavours by bringing out their authentic earthy aromas, as you savour every ingredient that has lovingly gone into creating this delicious chicken rice, a tasty treat in every bite.


Dan Zi Noodle

Come have a taste of Taichung’s Mee Lang, who bring their signature Dan Zi Noodle to Street Eats, each bowl boasting a smorgasbord of flavours rich with the taste of shrimp and goodness in every bite.


KL Hokkien Mee

Founded in 1976, Mdm Lem's stall serves her famous dish, which features thick, chewy noodles dripping with rich, black gravy and succulent pieces of pork, squid and prawns. It’s all fried with flair over an intense flame to achieve a perfect balance of the flavours of light and dark soya sauce.


KL Pork Noodle

Located at Overseas Union Garden in Kuala Lumpur, Hong Cha Restaurant serves steaming bowls of signature pork noodle soup, which has become a local legend because of the generous amounts of ingredients that give the soup a wonderful savoury-sweet taste.


Klang Bak Kut Teh

Klang Bak Kut Teh is one of the few restaurants serving authentic Malaysia-style Bak Kut Teh. Klang's staple dish, which consists of tender pork ribs and herb-infused rich broth, has received great reviews from both locals and travellers.


Malacca Chicken Rice

Malacca is, without a doubt, one of Malaysia's hottest spots for foodies. So it comes as no surprise that their chicken rice is pretty delicious, coming in both the roasted and white chicken varieties. Known for their distinctive chicken rice balls, come discover the flavours that have made this dish a staple of the Malaysian food scene for years.


Nasi Lemak (Lobster)

You may have had nasi lemak, but have you ever had nasi lemak with lobster? At Projek Nasi Lemak, the third generation hawkers from Penang, Malaysia have reinvented their family's age-old heritage recipes to create their signature dish of Lobster Nasi Lemak. Served on a traditional banana leaf on a rattan tray, each serving comes with crispy anchovies, pickled cucumber, crunchy peanuts, a fried egg, spicy sambal, and even blue rice dyed using butterfly pea flowers. Besides cheese-baked local 'leng leh' (lobsters), you can also choose your nasi lemak to be served with chicken, fish, prawns or giant squid. Hugely popular back home, don't miss this chance to discover what happens when old recipes are given new life in the hands of inventive millennials.


Nasi Lemak (Assam Fish)

Get a load of Projek Nasi Lemak’s special fried chilli-stuffed fish Nasi Lemak, one of the Penang-based hawker’s signature flavours!


Nasi Lemak (Eggplant)

Ever had Nasi Lemak with eggplant? Now you can, as Projek Nasi Lemak serves up one of their signature flavours at Street Eats 2019!


Penang Char Koay Teow

The Lim Bros Char Koay Teow was founded by the Lim Brothers when they were just 16 years old. Since then, the duo has achieved fame in Penang and won many fans over with its Char Koay Teow - fried flat rice noodles. What makes the dish such a favourite is the delicious “char” flavour from the sizzling-hot wok.



Popular amongst both locals and tourists, Ben Thanh Market's Beef Noodle Pho is an easy soup to fall in love with. The chewy noodles, savoury broth, the tender slices of beef make the dish a must-try Pho-sure as you discover the flavours of Vietnam!


Sempalit Curry Chicken Rice

Invented by Mr Damodaran Nair in Sempalit, Pahang in 1951 for Chinese customers, this beguiling, inviting and colourful chicken curry seduces the palate with just a hint of spiciness and plenty of creaminess. Since then, the secret curry recipe has been passed down for three generations to Chef Dinesh of KariGuys. The curry is still lovingly prepared the old-school way - in batches throughout the day using coconut milk, cumin, and a heady assortment of other spices for maximum freshness.


Tom Yum Mama Noodle

You may not have heard of them before, but the incredibly delicious Thai Tom Yum Mama Noodle is a hit with locals, boasting long queues and satisfied customers everyday. The culinary team have perfected the art of creating a sour, spicy Tom Yum Goong that bursts with flavour in every spoon. Couple that with the deceptively simple instant noodles and a smorgasbord of seafood ingredients, and you've got one hot mama of a Thai Tom Yum Noodle.



Based on an authentic family recipe passed down from generation to generation for over 70 years, this popular local delicacy is lovingly crafted by Kway Guan Huat Hokkien Popiah's Mr Quek Tren Wen since 1983and all his children, and even his family's third generation. They've mastered this heritage recipe, which utilises freshly pounded chilli and homemade exotic fruit sauce, making this a delicacy to savour and remember long after the last bite.



The Asian kebab, satays are beloved for how easy they are to eat one after another - they're tasty and bite sized after all, and grilled to perfection over an open fire, these succulent, marinated meats will linger in your mouth.


Tong Zi Mi Gao

Kaohsiung’s famous San Wei Qiao is in town to give Singapore a taste of their delicious Tong Zi Mi Gao, a delicious glutinous rice dish, drenched in a thick, gooey sauce, topped with succulent meat, and a surefire recipe for success.


Ang Ku Kueh

Traditional Chinese pastry made of red glutinous rice flour skin wrapping a filling of green bean paste, a symbol of longevity for their tortoiseshell pattern.



This deep-fried Spanish snack is a hit in colder countries, but just as delicious in sunny Singapore. Beyond the usual cinnamon sugar topping, get ready to be mind blown by the new flavours and dips introduced by Churros Factory!


Coconut Tart

Buttery sweet pastry crusts filled with fluffy, sticky coconut flavoured filling, a classic of Hong Kong's sweet treats and bakery scene. Handcrafted to perfection, ensuring a delight in every bite.


Durian Chendol

The iconic Chendol is a staple of the Malaysian dessert scene with its green chendol jelly and red bean in coconut milk. Now, the King of Fruits is here to add a royal twist to your Chendol, making the beloved Malaysian dessert richer, sweeter, and definitely more sedap!


Handcrafted Artisan Jelly Cake

Beautiful 3D flowers encased in each of these jelly cakes are hand-piped by these artistic bakers that look almost too good to eat.


Hong Kong Pineapple Bun (Fung Wong Confectionery)

Heavenly sweet buns from Hong Kong, served with a thick slice of butter perfectly stuffed into the warm bun. Rediscover and indulge in the delightful, buttery and melt-in-your-mouth goodness only at RWS Street Eats!



Which person doesn't love bubble tea? LiHo has quickly become one of the most popular chains in Singapore with their many outlets and affordable, creative drinks.


Taiwan Ice Tau Suan

This sweet dessert soup is made from mung beans and served with refreshing grass jelly and black pearls. Syrupy sweet and irresistibly gooey, you'll find yourself falling head over heels for this cooling bowl of soup, and before you know it, will be asking for seconds (or even thirds!).


The Wicked Cream Co.

Discover the sweet surprise hidden in the ooey-gooey hand-crafted s'mores and soft serves! Try unique marshmallow flavours such as Ondeh-Ondeh & MSW Durian, or the Street Eats exclusive Mango Sticky Rice Soft Serve, or just have them all!

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