Sweet Delights

Celebrate all things sweet at our pop-up booths along the Waterfront promenade and treat yourself to a variety of delicious local dessert!


Ang Ku Kueh (Kueh Ho Jiak)

Savour Kueh Ho Jiak's delicious Ang Ku Kuehs - if you can bring yourself to bite into these pretty creations! These modern versions of the traditional Chinese snack features soft glutinous rice skins that are naturally-coloured by sweet potatoes, and a sweet filling. Some of Kueh Ho Jiak's kuehs even have cartoon characters on them!


Martabak Manis (Pancake Boss)

Treat yourself to a fluffy, chewy piece of Indonesian Martabak Manis! Made just like those in Indonesia using carefully-prepared batter, these come in over 30 flavours, including Red Velvet, Green Tea and more. Satisfy your sweet tooth with some today.


Min Jiang Kueh (Pancake Boss)

Pancake Boss' Martabak Manis has been compared to the local Chinese Min Jiang Kueh so regularly that the shop is paying tribute to the beloved chewy breakfast favourite with their own version!


Pineapple Tart (KELE)

Founded in 1983, local bakery KELE is known for baking traditional pastries without preservatives, additives or artificial colouring. Its addictively yummy Pineapple Tarts are the perfect blend of sweet and tangy, with a delicate buttery crust.

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Polo Bun (Fung Wong Confectionery)

Heavenly sweet buns from Hong Kong with a crispy, sugary top crust. A delightful comfort food for all occasions.


Traditional Tidbits (Munch Munch)

Take a stroll down memory lane and re-live the good old days by munching on your favourite old-school Singaporean biscuits, packet cakes, crackers and sweets!

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