aRWSome Apprenticeship

aRWSome Apprenticeship reaches out to and inspires at-risk youths through mentorship programmes where they are taken under the wings of experienced RWS team members in partnership with voluntary welfare organisations. This programme was conceived to empower youths with valuable life skills so they can be inspired to pursue careers in the tourism and hospitality industry.


aRWSome Apprenticeship has been an important flagship initiative to provide opportunities to youths-at-risk to work alongside our team members and gain practical hands-on knowledge and skills. 2016 saw us partnering with Students Care Service and bringing onboard a group of youths who had discontinued schooling for mentorship and training. RWS took in the young individuals for two months where they came under the tutelage of our experienced team members from MICE to handle events and conventions. At the conclusion of the programme, some participants were inspired to return to school to pursue further studies in tourism and hospitality.


For two weeks during the December school holidays, 68 underprivileged youths from 10 secondary schools were transformed into ride attendant greeters, guest servicers and Edu-guides at RWS. These youths, aged 15 to 17, learnt about the integrated resort operations first-hand, and worked alongside RWS team members. Now into its fifth year, the aRWSome Apprenticeship programme targets underprivileged youths to equip them with practical skills and knowledge for lifelong learning. It draws on the expertise and resources of RWS and its senior team members to provide mentorship and training to these youths in the hope that they would find a meaningful path ahead.


The fourth edition of our aRWSome Apprenticeship series was held in June where 30 youths experienced what it was like to be working in the hospitality industry. Working together with experienced team members, these youths took on roles as housekeeping attendants, front desk receptionists and butlers in RWS hotels. Upon completion of their two-week stint, the youths shared their experience with teachers and parents and received certificates of participation from former Minister for Social and Family Development, Mr Chan Chun Sing.