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About Richard van Oostenbrugge

Chef van Oostenbrugge started his career in Switzerland, where he worked alongside top chefs and mastered culinary skills of the highest level.

He returned to Amsterdam from Gstaad in the Swiss Alps in 2008 to join restaurant Envy and subsequently embarked on a new chapter in his career when he joined Hotel De L’Europe as Executive Chef in 2010. Under his culinary direction, Bord’Eau – the hotel’s main dining destination – earned its first Michelin star rating in 2013 and attained the coveted two-star rating in the following year.

During his seven-year stint there, his exceptional skills and precise culinary execution also won him awards like the prestigious Gault & Millau Chef of the Year (2014) and a near-perfect Gault & Millau score of 19 (2017). He gained a reputation for his command of exacting European cooking techniques and exquisite sensibility in marrying traditional European flavours with influences and ingredients from around the world – including Japanese produce for their clean and light flavours.

Now as the co-owner of 212, Amsterdam’s first no-table-restaurant, Chef van Oostenbrugge’s remarkable skills are the focus as he strips high-end dining of the unnecessary to create a gastronomic spectacle – concocting outstanding dishes that are full of flavour with delightfully surprising combinations.

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About Thomas Groot

A native of Zaandam, in the scenic river city north of Amsterdam, Thomas Groot had always wanted to be a chef. He began his career in a neighbourhood brasserie in his home town and decided to pursue the culinary arts in Amsterdam, the culinary capital of the Netherlands.

Formally educated at ROC van Amsterdam, Thomas graduated as a Specialized Restaurant Chef and joined then-One Michelin starred Ciel Bleu Restaurant in 2007. The restaurant was awarded its second Michelin star in 2008, the second year of Thomas’ tenure. He joined the cutting edge, intimate Restaurant Envy as Sous Chef and met Richard van Oostenbrugge.

Thomas then joined Hotel le Europe in 2009 and while the hotel underwent a major renovation, had the chance to work with illustrious chefs like Alain Passard and Erick Fresion. It was as in his words “one of the best learning moments” of his life. Together with Richard van Oostenbrugge, Thomas worked at Hotel le Europe for seven years where the hotel’s main dining destination, Bord’Eau earned its first Michelin star rating in 2013 and attained the coveted two-star rating in 2014.

He now co-owns with Richard van Oostenbrugge Restaurant 212, Amsterdam’s first no-table-restaurant who was awarded its first Michelin star in 2018. Together with chef van Oostenbrugge, Thomas continues to be inspired by the clean flavours of Asian ingredients as they make their first foray out of the Netherlands and on to the sunny shores of Singapore with their new venture table65.

Thomas is a proud father to a seven year old boy Storm. He enjoys spending time with Storm in his free time discovering new restaurants.

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