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Star Studded Feastival

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Now - 3 Jan 2024


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Superstar Chocolate Tree Cru Dark

Superstar Chocolate Tree

Crafted from rich, smooth chocolate, this exquisite edible tree stands at an impressive 60cm tall. Dotted with sweet, seasonal European-inspired candies and pralines. 

Available in Vanilla Ivory Chocolate or Grand Cru Dark Chocolate. 
4.8 KG | SGD518

Starry Chocolate Log

Starry Chocolate Log

An enchanting yule log with 70% grand cru chocolate stars dusted with red velvet biscuit. Filled with creamy caramel and a blend of clementine marmalade, crème brulée and soft fir honey cookies. 

1 KG | SGD88

Santa's Chocolate Delights

Santa’s Chocolate Delights

Savour an even sweeter Christmas with this exquisite selection of artisanal chocolates by our Signature Restaurants. 

  • Osia Steak and Seafood Grill
    Inspiration Raspberry French chocolate with tangy notes of red berries, toasted macadamia nuts, dried fruits 
  • CHIFA! 
    35% blond chocolate blended with organic quinoa crunch and a hint of chili flakes with unctuous texture and delicious cookie flavour
  • table65  
    Komuntu 80% chocolate paired with French candied orange peel. 
  • Soi Social
    Passion fruit infused chocolate with dried Thai mango and generously dotted with coconut candy.
  • OCEAN  
    Tulakalum 75% single origin Belizean cocoa and spices with hints of sea salt and roasted hazelnut.  
  • Syun
    Premium vanilla 35% Ivory chocolate blended with Japanese toasted hōjicha tea and ultimate Yuzu citrus peels.   

380 GM | SGD88

Venice Carnival Yule Log

Venice Carnival Yule Log

This vibrant cake draws inspiration from the Venetian Christmas carnival. The pistachio sponge cake is airy and moist, and it’s smothered with creamy Sicilian pistachio mousse and rich Amarena-cherry panna cotta for an extra decadent touch.


500 GM | SGD45

1 KG | SGD78

Pina Colada Fruit Cake

Pina Colada Fruit Cake

A fruit cake with an Asian twist. Its flavour revolves around classic Asian ingredients and features fruit marinated with Malibu rum, candied ginger, cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds, and coconut sugar. Topped with a sweet selection of dried fruit.

1.2 KG | SGD80

Merry Chocolate Dragees

Merry Chocolate Dragées

A blend of dark, milk and caramelized French chocolate wrapped around a crunchy roasted caramelised almond. Perfect on its own or paired with coffee or tea.

Per Jar (180 GM) | SGD30

Christmas Star

Christmas Stars

These buttery pastries are filled with a nutty, tarty raspberry confiture – a twist on the classic Linzer torte. 

Per Bottle (320 GM) | SGD28

Giant Lebkuchen Snowflake

Giant Lebkuchen Snowflake

A traditional German Christmas delight, this ginger cookie is sweetened with a touch of honey and ladened with almonds and candied fruit. 

500 GM | SGD38

Drunken Sticky Toffee Date Pudding

Drunken Sticky Toffee Date Pudding

This treat by All Things Delicious is dense, moist, and dotted with walnuts for just the right balance of sweetness and nuttiness. Paired with a Cognac brandy butterscotch sauce.

1000 GM | SGD78