Glow with Good Health this Mid-Autumn

Feng Shui Inn’s all natural snow skin and traditional baked mooncakes are fully sold out! Thank you for your warm support, we hope you glow with good health this mid-autumn festival. 

For the festival believed to herald the year’s brightest moon: delights that shine with goodness.

Wish loved ones the best of health with specially curated nutritious or guilt-free mooncakes. 

Pick from premium snow-skin creations made using health-giving ingredients, the result of a collaboration between two acclaimed master chefs. Or, choose from baked treats that take inspiration from tradition, but surprise modern palates with healthy ideas like low-sugar fillings.

These deluxe desserts are great as gifts, and even better when savoured. 

How to order?

Download our Mooncake e-Brochure and Order Form and email to, or call 6577 6599.
RWS Invites members can enjoy a 20% discount, while Maybank and Mastercard® card holders can enjoy a 15% and 10% discount respectively.

Pre-Order Period: 18 Aug to 27 Sep 2020
Collection Period:  04 Sept 20 to 1st Oct 2020

For corporate orders, email us at Delivery to a single location is complimentary for orders of 20 boxes or above.

Mooncake Snow Skin

HEALTH FLOURISHES, Premium Snow Skin Mooncakes by Feng Shui Inn 

When two of our culinary masters join their skills, sparks fly.  Flavours blossom. Joy blooms. Health flourishes.

For your enjoyment – the delectable results of the collaboration between Feng Shui Inn’s acclaimed Head Chef Li Kwok Kwong and Resorts World Sentosa's world-famous Executive Pastry Chef Kenny Kong.

These limited-edition, 100% natural snow-skin mooncakes are not just specially created for discerning tastes, they’re also made with nutritious ingredients like Manuka honey as well as health-giving traditional Chinese herbs like Lingzhi spores and 15-year-old tangerine peel. 

For once, treats that are great to taste, are also great for you.

Box of 6, SGD98

Rose Lingzhi Spores with Longan

Rose Lingzhi Spores with Longan

Homemade lotus seed paste with wild Lingzhi spores, dried longans, longan honey, roasted pinenuts, grape seed oil, rose-petal snow skin with raspberry powder 

Fall in love at first sight. 

Coloured by rose petals and scented by raspberry powder, the pretty, 100% natural pink skin delights with its pleasing looks and subtle fragrance.

Bite into it, and love blossoms. Relish a rich burst of remarkable aroma imparted by longan honey and two nourishing herbal ingredients - prized Lingzhi spores that boost your immunity, and dried longans that nourish your blood and improve sleep quality. Your body will adore will love this mooncake as much as your palate.

With roasted pine nuts that add a memorable crunch and grapeseed oil that offers a lasting finish, expect love that lasts.

Purple Sweet Potato with Manuka Honey

Purple Sweet Potato with Manuka Honey

House-made purple sweet potato paste, manuka honey snow skin

An homage to the celestial beauty of the Mid-autumn night itself.

Like a silver moon that grows more beautiful with each look, each taste of the ethereal, almost-glowing skin reveals the sweet aroma of Manuka honey - famed for its antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.

The 100% natural filling is created to match the night sky. Like how the expanse above hides countless constellations, the luxurious filling made using nutrient-dense Japanese purple sweet potatoes is full of complex floral and fruity aromas. Even better, it offers a boost of fibre and natural antioxidants in every bite. 

Matcha with Tangerine Peel

Matcha with Tangerine Peel

Matcha paste, salted 15-year-old tangerine cream sauce, Matcha-and-stevia snow skin

Balance. The secret to good health. And great flavours.

Discover how our master chefs have achieved this with a mouth-watering masterclass on marrying the sweet and savoury to entice endlessly.

A pleasing paste made using antioxidant-rich Matcha caresses your senses with its gentle fragrance and delicate sweetness. This is followed by the bold, savoury cream sauce that embraces your appetite - it is made using prized tangerine peel which has been carefully aged for 15 years, and is believed to soothe your throat and nourish Qi. 

Even the meltingly-soft Matcha skin embraces the idea of balance. Made using stevia, it’s sweet, but low-sugar for guilt-free indulgence.

Baked Mooncakes by RWS

TIMELESS TRADITIONS, Baked Mooncakes by Resorts World Sentosa 

Steeped in traditions. Inspired by imagination.

Welcome the festival with delightful twists on classic baked mooncakes. 

Respectfully based on time-honoured recipes, these all come with a pleasant surprise, be it a low-sugar filling for guilt-free eating, an indulgent addition of flavourful nuts, a special custard that replaces the customary filling or even a unique Southeast-Asian flavour.

Enjoy this selection of beloved treats revitalised for a new generation today. 


Mooncakes Retail Price (NETT)
Low-sugar Macadamia Nut
Low-sugar Double-yolk 
Baked Egg Custard with Melon Seeds
Special Flavour: Pandan With Yam Coconut
SGD68 / Box of 4
Low-sugar Macadamia Nut SGD59 / Box of 4
Low-sugar Double-yolk 
SGD72 / Box of 4
Low-sugar Single-yolk
SGD65 / Box of 4
Baked Egg Custard with Melon Seeds
SGD69 / Box of 4
Special Flavour: Pandan With Yam Coconut 
SGD65 / Box of 4
Term and Conditions:
  • Please allow 3 working days for processing of orders. 
  • Patrons are reminded to check their mooncakes purchases at point of collection, no exchange is allowed after collection.        
  • A valid RWS Invites Membership Card/MasterCard Debit and Credit Card/Maybank Debit and Credit Card must be produced at the point of ordering and upon making of payment to enjoy the above-mentioned discount.  All items are subject to availability.  
  • All prices stated are nett prices, inclusive of prevailing government taxes. 
  • Resorts World Sentosa reserves the right to make any changes without prior notice

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