Gathering Spring’s Flavours

Bring together those you love with the international flavours they love. 

Usher in a bountiful year by lavishing loved ones with Chinese fine dining at Feng Shui Inn, celebrating the Japanese way at Syun, savouring sustainable creations at Ocean Restaurant and indulging in Australian-style sharing platters at Osia Steak & Seafood Grill. Takeaway treats are also available! 

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Savour a gathering of international flavours together 


Usher in the Year of the Ox with a great reunion meal at our restaurants! 

Traditionalists, lavish loved ones with a Chinese fine dining experience at Feng Shui Inn. Choose from magnificent multi-course feasts and taste healthful specials including Vegetarian Fish Yu Sheng with Sea Grapes and Black Fungus. Or, add a twist by celebrating the Japanese way at Syun with Wagyu beef Yu Sheng and dishes inspired by the Japanese Lunar New Year custom of savouring abalones.

Another great option is to dive into a wealth of flavours at Ocean Restaurant with creations made using sustainable ingredients. These include Dutch Hiramasa Yu Sheng, Crispy New Zealand Blue Cod and festive meat dishes. If you want a different experience, welcome a bountiful year with Australian-style sharing platters at Osia Steak & Seafood Grill - taste a whole fish together with your loved ones! 

You assemble your loved ones. We gather global festive delicacies. Together, we’ll bring everyone closer with a truly international reunion!

Feng Shui Inn CNY

Feng Shui Inn

Usher in a year of plenty 

Lavish your loved ones with a regal dining experience at Feng Shui Inn. Toss up good fortune with the Vegetarian Fish Yu Sheng with Sea Grapes and Black Fungus, or choose from timeless Cantonese multi-course meals. 

Feng Shui Inn CNY Menu



A joyous reunion with a Japanese twist 

Taste tradition revitalised with creativity in the Syun-style Special Yu Sheng with Wagyu beef from Kagoshima, or abalone steak with salmon roe – inspired by Japanese Lunar New Year customs.

Syun CNY Menu

Osia Steak and Seafood Grill

Osia Steak & Seafood Grill

Share a bountiful feast

Discover fresh ways to savour the symbol of abundance. With Osia Steak and Seafood Grill’s sharing platters, loved ones can enjoy fish prepared with western techniques. Choose from Grilled Dover Sole, En Papillotte New Zealand Wild Snapper or Oven-Roasted Australian Freshwater Rainbow Trout!

RWS Members enjoy two complimentary glasses of Chardonnay with each order of a dish from the Chinese New Year menu.

Osia CNY Special – “Big Fish” Menu

Ocean Restaurant

Ocean Restaurant

Dive into a wealth of flavours 

Take your taste buds around the world at Ocean Restaurant. Enjoy creations made using oceanic treasures like Dutch Hiramasa Yu Sheng, French Sea Whelk, Australian Yumbah abalone, and more. In celebration of the occasion, the Restaurant will also serve Chinese delights like Szechuan-style fowl (made using French Guinea fowl) and French suckling pig. 

Ocean CNY Lunch Menu
Ocean CNY Dinner Menu

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