Dumpling Festival 2021

Resorts World Sentosa’s Signature Dumpling Feast: Luxury in a Leaf

8 divine dumplings. Created with distinction by 8 master chefs. 

This dumpling festival, savour a world of exquisite flavours for a memorable epicurean experience. 
Each is lovingly hand-crafted using the finest ingredients to celebrate timeless traditions in its own special way. 

A Hakka-style masterpiece inspired by those enjoyed in Hong Kong. A brilliant blue Nonya-style sweet-and-savoury delight with an intricately-prepared pork filling. A dessert dumpling made in the style of sweet Thai treats for a satisfying surprise. A novel Japanese interpretation of the Chinese delicacy, influenced by pressed oshi sushi. These are just some of the delectable marvels that await as you indulge in a remarkable medley of mouth-watering tastes, textures and fragrances.

Sumptuously Sustainable

From using sustainably sourced ingredients, to creating boxes that are recyclable. This set of dumplings has been made with our hearts in tradition and our eyes on the future – a planet that is healthier for the generations to come.  

Our dumplings are all sold out!
Thank you for the overwhelming response.
Our chefs and culinary team look forward to delighting you with more delectable moments soon.

RWS Member SGD98 nett SOLD OUT
Public SGD118 nett
Bulk order - 20 Sets SGD1760 nett (SGD88/set)
Pre-order Period: 14 May – 11 June 2021
Collection Period: 25 May – 16 June 2021, 12pm - 8pm daily
Collection Venue: Feng Shui Inn, Crockfords Tower Level G2
Delivery is available at SGD25 per location. Enjoy complimentary delivery to a single location when you order at least 3 sets online.

Contact Us:
+65 6577 6688 | festive@rwsentosa.com

Twin Treasures

Twin Treasures

By Chef Tang Puck Seng, Executive Chef of Resorts World Sentosa 

In one delicious treat, taste treasures of both forest and sea, all of which are enveloped in black, brown and glutinous rice cooked in soy milk for a sublime richness. From the forest - prized, nutritious finds like morel, lion’s mane and shiitake. From the sea, a symphony of ingredients that add a robust umami - superior conpoy, sustainably sourced ebi and golden oyster.

Bouquet of Rubies

Bouquet of Rubies

By Chef Kenny Kong, Executive Pastry Chef of Resorts World Sentosa

A sweet celebration of good health. The delectable herbal filling delights with premium dried longan, kumquat citrus, lotus seed, palm sugar tapioca and azuki red bean. The red grain layer is no less scrumptious - organic red rice, barley, prickly waterlily, mung bean and glutinous rice. All of which is carefully braised for five hours in pure natural longan honey and the floral tea blend. This special step ensures that the grains bloom with resplendent floral aromas. 

Siamese Jade

Siamese Jade

By Chef Surangkana “Aae” Sub-Anan, Chef de Cuisine of Resorts World Sentosa

A traditional sweet dumpling given a refreshing regional twist. Inspired by Thailand’s iconic sticky rice dessert, the glutinous rice is flavoured with rich coconut milk and sweetened with palm sugar for a caramel-like aroma. A steamed taro filling adds subtle satisfying sweetness, while the fragrant roasted banana leaf wrapping will make it love at first scent.

Nonya Sapphires

Nonya Sapphires

By Chef Lee Chee Man of Feng Shui Inn

A nod to the Nonya dumpling’s distinctive sweet-and-savoury flavour profile, this creation enhances your eating experience with an exquisite filling. The pork belly is intricately prepared - marinated in coriander powder, stir-fried, stewed in bone broth and finally flavoured with candied winter melon, sustainably sourced tiger prawns, dried shrimps and a heady secret-recipe X.O. chilli sauce. Butterfly pea flowers add a brilliant blue to the rice layer.

Eternal Amber

Eternal Amber

By Chef Danny Fong of Osia Steak and Seafood Grill

A true homage to heritage, elevated with premium ingredients. Prepared to an exacting traditional recipe, the classic filling consists of chestnut, salted egg yolk, mushrooms and the star of the show - fine-grade pork belly from celebrated Australian producer Bangalow Sweet Pork, which practises sustainable farming. Marinated with five-spice, this delectable pork is enveloped in glutinous rice that had been sautéed to perfection with dried shrimp.

Ocean Jewels

Ocean’s Jewels

By Chef Goh Wee Meng, Executive Sous Chef of Resorts World Sentosa

A masterclass in refreshing a millennia-old delicacy with sustainable seafood ingredients. French sea whelk, Hokkaido dried scallops and dried shrimps complement Tianjin chestnuts, mushrooms and salted egg yolk - cai po adds a satisfying surprise. The glutinous rice is infused overnight in essence of Japanese hoshi ebi. This gives it a gem-like pink colour as well as an amazing umami flavour.

Chest of Pearls

Chest of Pearls

By Chef Noriyoshi Teruya of Syun

Mark the festival in the most novel way, with dumplings unlike any other. Made in the style of oshi sushi, this dumpling is formed by pressing layers of rice and exceptional ingredients into a rectangle that resembles a treasure chest. These include marinated sea bream seared on the skin side, and sustainably sourced Australian Tajima beef cooked by sous-vide and then seared to lock in its flavours. 

Golden Summer

Golden Summer

By Chef Li Kwok Kwong of Feng Shui Inn

A tribute to rich Chinese traditions. Inspired by Hakka-style dumplings enjoyed in Hong Kong, this squarish delight contains an auspicious mix of mushrooms and eight decadent ingredients - abalone, smoked duck, chestnuts, scallops, five-spice premium pork, sustainably sourced crab meat, mung beans and salted egg. The familiar fragrance of the customary bamboo leaf wrapping adds the perfect finishing touch.


1. How do I know my order is confirmed?
You will receive an order confirmation email at the end of a successful online transaction. This will serve as confirmation of your order.

2. When will online orders be available until?
Online orders will be available until 16th June 2021, while stocks last.

3. Can I cancel or change my confirmed order?
Once the online transaction has been successfully completed, no cancellations or refunds are allowed. Amendments to collection and delivery pertaining to your existing order, can be made by emailing to festive@rwsentosa.com

4. When can I collect my dumplings?
Self-collection of dumpling set will be based on your selected dates during the online purchase. Please collect at Feng Shui Inn, Crockfords Tower Level G2, 12pm - 8pm daily.

5. Do I need to bring any confirmation to collect my dumpling?
Yes, kindly present your confirmation email when collecting your dumpling set.

6. When can I have my dumpling sets delivered?
The delivery of dumpling set will be based on your selected delivery date and slot during your online purchase. RWS will contact you within 3 working days upon successful payment to confirm delivery details.

7. Is there a delivery charge?
A delivery charge of SGD25 nett is applicable for each location in Singapore. 
Any purchase of 3 dumpling set is entitled to complimentary delivery to one location in Singapore.

8. Is international delivery available?
No, delivery is only available to Singapore addresses.

9. Is there a discount if I intend to make a bulk purchase of 100 boxes and above?
Yes, kindly email to festive@rwsentosa.com for more information.

10. Can I purchase the dumplings individually?
No, all dumplings are sold as a set of 8.

11. Do the dumplings require reheating?
All dumplings are served chilled and will require reheating, except Chest of Pearls which should be consumed chilled, within 3 hours of purchase.

Heating instructions*:
1. Defrost in chiller compartment of your refrigerator.
2. Microwave for 2-3 mins. (heating time may differ for different microwave ovens) or steam for about 20 mins.
3. Please consume the dumplings within 2 hours.

*Applies to all dumplings except Chest of Pearls.

12. What is the shelf life of the dumplings?
All dumplings can be stored for 2 days in the chiller or 1 week in the freezer. Chest of Pearls is recommended to be consumed chilled, within 3 hours of purchase.

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