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Online Pre-Orders

21 Apr- 4 Jun 2022


Onsite Pre-Orders

28 Apr - 4 Jun 2022 

(Available at Feng Shui Inn or Malaysia Food Street) 


Collection Details

Date: 12 May - 4 Jun 2022 (Daily) 

Time: 12pm - 8pm 

Location: Hotel Michael Lobby

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Eight Treasures Dumpling

by Feng Shui Inn

Shaped like a treasure box to honour the precious recipes of Executive Chef Li Kwok Kwong’s grandmother. Savour a sublime marriage of traditions with luxurious ingredients that include 10-head abalone, waxed duck, cordyceps flower and more.This richly flavoured creation is best paired with the bold taste and aromas of Imperial Pu'er Tea.


Smoked Eel and Pork Tendon Dumpling

by table65

One exquisite European interpretation of the dumpling. Two prized ingredients, from land and sea. Discover the difference richly flavoured smoked eel and tender, melt-in-the-mouth pork tendon make as you savour the balance of two incredible textures and tastes.Complement this fusion creation with Hong Guan Yin, a black tea that is sure to please lovers of western teas.


Beef Cheek Dumpling

by Osia Steak & Seafood Grill

Pamper your palate with a hearty surprise as Osia infuses the traditional dumpling with its famed mastery of meats. Every bite will give you a remarkable burst of the flavours of braised Australian beef cheek that is tantalisingly tender. Truly a meat lover’s dream fulfilled.

The rich taste of Imperial Pu‘er Tea is a great match for the meaty goodness of this dumpling.

Zakkoku Okowa Dumpling

by Syun

A culinary exploration of tradition that embraces Japanese influences. Unwrap it to reveal a rectangular dumpling filled with authentic Japanese ingredients like steamed kurobuta pork belly, prawns, sakura ebi, nourishing zakkoku (16-grain mix), ginkgo nut, baby bamboo shoot, Japanese pepper and more. Savour the complex flavours of this delight along with the rich, earthy taste of Imperial Pu‘er Tea.


Sweet Banana Dumpling

by Malaysia Food Street

Taste how our chefs have reinterpreted the dumpling in this ode to the region’s cuisine. The fragrance of coconut milk, the sweetness of bananas and the beautiful blue of butterfly pea flowers, make this sweet-and-savoury delicacy stand out. Steamed in banana leaves for an unmistakable aroma. 

Let the delicate aromas of the Tea Chapter Artisan Floral Roast refresh your palate as you enjoy this treat.


Premium Tea Set

Appreciate treasured fragrances and tastes as you brew fine teas using premium leaves from Tea Chapter. This set consists of Tea Chapter Artisan Floral Roast, Hong Guan Yin and Imperial Pu'er. These renowned teas are excellent for completing any gourmet experience.



Deluxe Dumpling Set with Premium Tea Set at SGD171

Treat family and friends to a complete gourmet experience as you accompany the exquisite tastes of deluxe dumplings with the flavours of fine teas brewed using Tea Chapter’s renowned leaves.
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Deluxe Dumpling Set at SGD118

Be it as a gift or a treat to savour at home, celebrate with five dumplings made using only the finest ingredients.

Premium Tea Set at SGD68

Appreciate treasured fragrances and tastes as you brew fine teas using premium leaves from Tea Chapter.