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An Experience Like None Other

Whether it be thrill attractions, fine dining or high end shopping, Resorts World Sentosa Singapore is a world renowned destination that is truly a cut above the rest. Especially if you take it up a notch further with your favorite movie characters and premium restaurants, amongst many things to be amazed and mesmerized by. You may call this living large, we call it big value for a great horde of premium and fun experiences.

Big Treats

The taste of paradise in a single dish. Taste perfection, unparalleled flavor in every bite. A friendly chat with the chef, an experience unlike any other, it’s more than just dining.

Big Thrills

Seize the day and choose your adventure. Today you could be a movie star. A deep sea diver. A surfer extraordinaire. A seafaring mariner along the Silk Route. The world is your oyster.

Big Moments

Wake up from the best sleep of your life and start the day right with a cup of coffee, a hearty breakfast. A view that inspires, facilities that make you stay, service with a smile. It’s all you ever wanted and more.

Big Deals

Now it’s time to make your Go Big holiday come true with us. Find out more about the available packages now.