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Suppliers' Enablement

With a wide variety of suppliers providing both goods and services to us, we understand that each of them belongs to a specific stage in the procurement process. As such, we segment suppliers according to their roles, corresponding to the following stages for clarity and efficiency.
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Ariba Network Suppliers

For suppliers with existing Ariba accounts but do not have a business relationship with RWS, please contact us at for enquiries.

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RWS Bidders

RWS bidders will be able to participate in sourcing events and submit proposals via the Ariba Network from RWS. Simply answer 7 simple questions to get started.

RWS Approved Supplier

RWS Approved Supplier

Upon successful bidding, bidders will go through a process to be registered as an approved supplier. This allows you to transact electronically via Ariba to receive purchase orders, submit e-invoices and more.

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