Hybrid events: benefit from the best of both worlds!

Hybrid events combine in-person events – which are unparalleled for forming human connections – with virtual experiences that offer borderless communication. They help you overcome challenges like travel restrictions and capacity limits when organising events. 

Powered by versatile cutting-edge audio-visual technologies like a 360-degree projection screen, our hybrid events are delivered with service that raises the bar plus premium food and beverage offerings. 

1 One

Solution 1

Single-room Communication


Perfect if you prefer on-site group interaction while still connecting with others online (i.e. connecting with other speakers who are not available on-site).

3 Three

Solution 2

Multi-room Broadcast Communication


Ideal if you wish to broadcast in real-time to large groups in multiple separate rooms at the same venue.

2 Two

Solution 3

Multi-venue Networked Communication


Tailored for events that connect attendees from multiple venues or rooms. With our capabilities and experience, your speakers can seamlessly deliver messages from different locations.

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