Fewer rules, more adventure; fine-dining should be fun.

Famous for their critically acclaimed restaurant 212 in Amsterdam, celebrated chefs Richard van Oostenbrugge and Thomas Groot open table65, their first restaurant outside of the Netherlands.

Priding itself as a ‘no pretense’, fine-casual dining restaurant, the chefs invite you to sit and interact with them at the communal chef’s table. With a focus on bringing out the true essence and flavours of the food ingredients, Oostenbrugge and Groot present their creative take on modern European cuisine, including their widely instagrammed Apple dessert.

Furthermore, the restaurant introduces visual projections on your dining plates and levitating creations, making this a dining experience that invokes all your senses.

CURATE - Resort World Sentosa


The world's finest chefs converge at Asia's first Michelin Chef showcase restaurant.

The pre-eminent culinary artists of our time showcase their creations through Art at Curate, a series of culinary pop-up events featuring specially selected Michelin-starred chefs. Our current resident chef Benjamin Halat – a veteran of various Michelin-starred restaurants in Germany and Switzerland – imbues the new CURATE menu with an inventiveness that promises to challenge, tease and cajole your senses.

Restaurant Teppan Experiences

TEPPAN By Chef Yonemura

As decorated Masayasu Yonemura’s first restaurant beyond the shores of Japan, TEPPAN by Chef Yonemura is bringing his innovative French-Japanese teppanyaki fare to you here in Singapore. Step in for a dining experience that combines artistry and showmanship with the finesse borne from over 30 years in the culinary business.

Restaurant Forest Experiences


Contemporary Chinese cuisine defies conventions to break new ground.

Founded by local celebrity chef Sam Leong, Forest sets out to redefine the art of Chinese fine dining by re-inventing the familiar and imbuing it with Western service and presentation styles. Bold and innovative, the resulting gourmet masterpieces are culinary expressions of opposing worlds co-existing in exquisite harmony.