1 November 2017 Edition
Rooms team’s Q2 Gold Star Awardees
Awards from Community Chest, Travel Weekly Asia FLYING Through Time, starts 9 December November TM Perks at Osia, Syun, Tangerine
Golden Autumn Celebrations, ends
12 November

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Samurai bonds
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RWS Invites BU Sales
Challenge winners,
and something about
free $8 in credits

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Planning a year-end gathering? Here are packages that
might interest you

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TM Perks: MFS discount increased to 15%, and "happy hour" deals
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TM Perks: 10% off at LiHO
for one week only

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10 signs of a
problem gambler

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TM Perks: Your yearlong discounts, bookmark it for easy access
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Upcoming shows
and events

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