Humans of RWS

Be inspired by the stories of our team members, from essential services personnel who continue to look after the resort even when it's closed to visitors, to selfless volunteers working hard alongside medical professionals providing care to COVID-19 residents at the Singapore Expo Community Care Facility.

Lee Thang Yin, Estate Management 

Maintaining a safe haven for plants and native wildlife


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Lee Thiang Yin, Estate Management

Did you know there are more than 11,000 trees and plants, comprising about 100 fascinating native species within the resort? As a landscape manager with RWS for almost a decade, Lee Thang Yin oversees the resort’s lush greenery which not only add beauty and charm with their diversity, they provide safe havens for local wildlife.

His estate management team takes care of a whopping 49 hectares of landscape, including 2.9 hectares of protected secondary forest in the west zone, where Equarius Hotel and Beach Villas are situated. 

“I’m happy to be able to go to work and see my plants, even when the resort is closed to visitors,” shared the 45 year old. “I believe being close to nature can have healing and therapeutic effects. Lately, in the absence of visitors, it has been easier for us to spot local wildlife such as oriental pied hornbills, white-breasted water hens, and striated herons!”

During Singapore’s circuit breaker phase, it has been all hands on deck for Lee’s team. With a lean team of five, they have had to step up their efforts, including covering the manual work typically handled by foreign workers. These include clearing of fallen leaves and branches from landscaped areas, as well as checking on the irrigation and watering of plants. The health of trees has also been a priority for the team. 

“I miss our foreign team mates,” confided Lee. “They’ve always been part of the team, and we’ve always respected and appreciated them for their contributions.”

“It feels different going to work now. The shuttle buses to the resort are unusually empty and quiet. There isn’t the usual laughter from guests, and it’s even more apparent in the attractions, where you feel completely alone.”

Landscape management work is usually carried out behind the scenes. However, the work they do is essential not only to ensure the survival of the flora and fauna, but for the safety of team members. So the next time you’re back at the resort, do take a closer look all around and appreciate the greenery around you! 

Nikki Low Hui Ru, Estate Management

Stepping Up Cleaning to Keep COVID-19 at Bay

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Standards of sanitization have been further heightened at common areas, including escalator handrails

Already accredited as an SG Clean organization by the National Environment Agency, RWS is committed to good sanitation and hygiene practices in line with the Singapore Government’s health directives.

With heightened standards of sanitization becoming the new normal, Nikki Low Hui Ru’s role is more important than ever. Together with her team, the 33-year-old handles pest control, waste management and the overall cleanliness at the resort, including areas such as the carparks and driveways.

“It’s a common misconception that there’s no need to clean when the resort is closed,” shared Low. 

“However, there are team members who report to work for essential duties, as well as guests who are here for takeaways at Malaysian Food Street. Hence, we have to not only maintain, but increase, the level of cleaning and sanitisation in the resort, especially during the COVID-19 situation. We need to ensure that our team members and guests continue to feel safe in the resort.”

Despite having to work with a leaner team during this period, Low and her colleagues have managed to make the best out of the situation by adjusting the manpower allocation to maximize resources. 

Low admits that with the pandemic, cleaning services have moved into the spotlight, which means increased pressure on her team to elevate the levels of good sanitation and hygiene practices.

“Be it in the limelight or not, we are proud of the work we do,” shared Low with a smile. “We’re ready – and have always been – to welcome guests into the resort again when the time is right.”