At RWS, we are committed to using resources wisely and protecting our Earth as we operate and grow our business. Operating a 14 hectare integrated resort does require significant amount of water and energy. Though so, we try our best to reduce our energy consumption by embracing green technology and we believe that we can make a difference to our planet as long as we try.

We continuously look towards green practices such as solar technology and tree conservation. We have a water catchment in Universal Studios Singapore to irrigate our landscapes, and eco-friendly cooling system to bring the temperatures down in the outdoors. We conserve nature and inspire our employees and guests to join us in our conservation efforts every day.

Environment Highlights


We play a major role in public education, in ensuring a better understanding of aquatic ecosystems that these ecosystems provide to the human well-being.


We are committed to environmental sustainability and we embrace the use of technology to manage our environmental footprint.


Water plays a crucial role in our business operations especially S.E.A. Aquarium, Adventure Cove Waterpark, Dolphin Island, F&B outlets, hotels and others.


To reduce our environmental impact, we monitor and categorise our waste by type and dispose them using the most appropriate methods.