Recycling Art Competition 2016 - Corporate Social Responsibility
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Recycling Art Competition


Jointly organised by Resorts World Sentosa and Woodgrove Secondary School, the second edition of Recycling Art Competition received close to 170 entries, almost a tripling in number over the inaugural competition held last year.

The final round of competition brings together 30 installations of marine-inspired sculptures using only recyclable materials such as plastic bottles and caps, metal cans, paper and glass bottles.

Designed and created entirely by pre-school, primary and secondary school students, these creative and beautiful sculptures were conceptualised based on the themes of “Our Favourite Ocean Friends” for the pre-school, “Protecting the Home of Our Ocean Friends” for the primary school category and “Our Ocean – The Heart of Our Planet, Connecting all of Us Together” for the secondary school category.

The themes are in line with Singapore’s effort in creating greater awareness in environmental issues such as appreciation of Nature and Biodiversity. The competition provides participants the opportunity to express their creativity and innovation through the use of recyclable materials. It also aims at encouraging and inspiring students and their families to practise the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle). The competition also reinforces RWS’ commitment towards ocean conservation and environmental sustainability.

Prizes for winning teams include Ocean Dreams sleepover, Dolphin Discovery programme, S.E.A. Aquarium VIP tour and S.E.A. Quest education trail.


RWS organised the inaugural Recycling Art Competition in November 2015 which saw a total of 58 entries from 58 primary and secondary schools. Revolving around the themes of “Preserving Nature’s Own Home” and “Joining Hands To Do Our Part in Marine Conservation”, the winning entries were strongly inspired by nature and featured a myriad of recyclable items such as plastic bottles, cans and paper. The Recycling Art Competition reinforces our commitment to environmental sustainability.