Halloween Horror Nights 9 Audition FAQs

What are the event dates for Halloween Horror Nights 9?

The event dates for Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 9 will be announced soon. Subscribe to our Newsletter for the latest updates.

When are rehearsals held? 

Rehearsals will be held throughout the month of September, with the exact dates to be announced later.

When will my costume fitting be?

Costume fittings will be scheduled during the month of August, with either 1 or 2 sessions per person.

What pay can I expect?

The full sum of contract will be shared with successful candidates during the offer of contract.

When will I know if my audition was successful? 

Offers will be made to successful candidates by the end of July 2019.

How do I prepare for my Halloween Horror Nights 9 audition?

Prepare to scare. Think of a potential character and do some research, and try your best to terrorize us during the audition.

I have a special talent I want to show, but I am not sure if it will be relevant for Halloween Horror Nights 9.

We love unusual talents. If you have one, we’d love to see it, and we might just be able to fit it in somehow!

Can I come in costume?

Absolutely – we encourage it!

I have other questions not covered in these FAQs.

Please direct any queries you may have to ussaudition@rwsentosa.com.


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