Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long is the contract?
    Contracts length is 13 months (12 months/ 1 rehearsal month). Contracts begin July 2019 to end of July 2020. *Contracts start dates vary depending on role.

  2. What is the pay like?
    Pay Packages vary based on the contracted role.

  3. When are the callbacks?
    Callbacks may vary depending on what the audition panel wants to see from you. Most callbacks are on the same day, but final callbacks will be in the afternoon of the second day. Make sure you are available for second day callbacks.

  4. How long will the auditions go for?
    In most cities you will be finished by no later than 7pm. Do be prepared to wait around. Suggest you bring water and food to last you the day.

  5. Will a dance routine be taught on the day or do I have to bring in my own?
    A short dance routine will be taught at the auditions for any singer/dancers, b-boys, and animated roles. Bring a change of clothes.

  6. When will I get notified if I am selected for the role?
    If you are selected for a role, you will be notified approximately 2 to 4 weeks after the audition. *Length may vary.

  7. What if I am unable to be present at live audition?
    You may submit online via the entertainment casting email. Please submit a current headshot, updated CV/Resume, and attach a submission video introducing yourself. No longer than 30 seconds. Please also send a link to any show reels you may have. *Please make sure your show reel is up to date.

  8. Can I audition for multiple roles?