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Universal Studios Singapore® prides itself on the quality of it’s original live shows and entertainment offerings, including performances by Character Actors, Animated Street Stars, Singers, Dancers, B-Boys, Stilt-walkers, Voice actors and more.

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Woody Woodpecker - Universal Studios Singapore - Resorts World Sentosa


(Atmospheric Stage, Outdoors)

Animated street stars (costume characters) portray specific costume character roles, perform atmosphere meet and greet sets with our resort guests, perform choreography and staging, sign autographs and pose for photographs. An out-going and larger-than-life personality (in the appropriate height range) is required.

List of Character Roles:

The minions are henchmen of the evil mastermind Gru in the hit movie series DESPICABLE ME. They are impulsive, pill-shaped creatures and can be innocently irritating, yet are impossible for our audience to resist. Although similar in their physical appearance, they do have unique features to tell them apart. They even have their very own minion language.

A large, green, physically intimidating ogre. Although his background is something of a mystery, it is assumed that despite these traits, Shrek has always been an ogre of the non-hostile kind as he loves peace and solitude and lives in a swamp. After rescuing the damsel-in-distress, Shrek fell madly in love with his soul mate, Princess Fiona.

Street smart, independent and delightfully engaging, this lovable princess from the Shrek® series interacts with resort guests alongside Shrek.

One of Shrek’s best friends, Pinocchio is a wooden puppet whose nose grows when he tells a lie. He acts like a child, appearing to be about 11 or 12 years old.

One of the most famous characters in history, the creature is a sensitive, emotional being, which is depicted as a mute. The creature discovers feelings through childlike interactions. The Monster is a symbol of a lumbering brute, with arms outstretched.

He’s crazy, colourful, and more that just off the wall. He’s Woody Woodpecker, the lovable bird with a heart of gold and a one-in-a-million laugh.

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Madagascar Boogie - Universal Studios Singapore


(Atmospheric Stage, Outdoors)

AIR Penguin Flight 001 and the cast of Madagascar take a quick detour on their way back to New York City to visit Universal Studios Singapore®. The popular characters from the hit series arrive to do what they do best, a choreographed dance routine to the classic dance hit - "Move It, Move It", hosted by the one and only KING JULIEN. (A brief meet and greet with resort guests follows. Physical stamina is essential.)

List of Character Roles:

The featured attraction at the Central Park Zoo. The "King of the New York" is also an accomplished dancer, using his dancing skills to wow the crowd.

Gloria is a full figured hippopotamus who loves the limelight. Not a fan of any diet plan, Gloria really knows how to throw her weight around.

A fun-loving ring-tailed lemur. Self proclaimed "Lord-of-the-Lemurs", he rules over a great colony of lemurs with charisma... with little to no ability to lead.

The leader of a band of penguins. He is the second shortest of the group and he has dark sapphire-blue eyes. As leader, he masterminded the plots to escape the confines of the zoo, among others.

The smartest and tallest of the penguins, Kowalski formulates plans for the group and usually takes notes for Skipper. Kowalski is a loyal supporter.

The 'brawn' of the group. He follows orders without fail, proving his loyalty to the group by going on missions that require nerves of skill.

The youngest of the four penguins. Presumably the newest and the most inexperienced of the penguins, Private has a strong relationship with Skipper, who is like a father to him.

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SesameStreet When I Grow Up - Universal Studios Singapore


(Atmospheric Stage, Outdoors)

Join the characters of the world’s most famous street. Universal Studios Singapore has three different Sesame shows.

List of Character Roles:

A three and a half year old furry red monster with a falsetto voice who always refers to himself in the third person.

A large blue monster who eats almost anything, but prefers of course cookies. He is famous for saying "Me want cookie and "Om nom nom nom", which is said while his mouth is full of cookies.

Bert and Ernie are Sesame Street’s token best friends. Ernie always has crazy ideas, and Bert attempts to keep Ernie down to Earth.

An 8 foot two inch, 249 cm, tall yellow bird. He possesses many talents including dancing and singing.

A lovable, cute, and funny furry blue monster. He never uses contractions when speaking or singing, making his dialogue amusing.

A green monster who lives in a trash can. His favorite thing in life is trash. He sings a famous song called “I Love Trash”.

A three year old fairy in training. Using her wand, she can pop in and out of thin air, float, and turn things into pumpkins.

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Dance for the Magic Beans - Universal Studios Singapore


Milk will fly as the most revered outlaw of San Ricardo and his silent, sneaky nemesis compete in the dance-fight of the century. Puss in Boots and Kitty Softpaws ‘Dance for the Magic Beans’, and each other’s affection, in this interactive stage show. This show also involves a host, and a meet and greet opportunity for guests.

List of Character Roles

The suave cat with a Spanish accent, who has a way with the ladies. Swords will cross and hearts will be broken with this swashbuckling feline.

She is silent, sneaky and as skilled in swordplay as she is it ‘catitude’. Kitty Softpaws gives her nemesis/lover some fierce competition as they both Dance for the Magic Beans.

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Far Far Away Donkey Live - Universal Studios Singapore


Shrek’s Fairytale sidekick Donkey brings the crowd to its feet in this one-of-a-kind interactive theatre show. Guests sing along and even talk to Donkey in an intimate theatre setting. This show requires a vibrant host with strong improvisational skills, and a voice artist to replicate the iconic voice of Donkey with charm, wit, and impeccable comic timing.

Character Role:
Played by either a male or female performer, the HOST of Donkey Live! assists Donkey in finding the right guest with whom Donkey can interact. The role requires a person with an outgoing personality and a good sense of humour; a person that Donkey can play off. Listening skills are essential. You need to be fit as there is a lot of physical movement needed in the show, but co-ordination is not necessary if you are funny and don’t hurt anyone. It helps if you can sing in tune.

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Mel's Dinettese - Universal Studios Singapore


Join Sue, Barbara-Ann & Candy, the singing & dancing waitresses of Hollywood's most well-known drive-in restaurant. The Mel's Dinettes bring to life the hits of the 50’s and 60's daily at the Mel’s Diner stage.

Character Role:
Mel’s Dinettes are gorgeous & fun female singers/dancers in an outdoor show. Strong vocalists with excellent dance skills, and the ability to engage an audience in close proximity, are required. All female vocal ranges are considered.

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Hollywood The Cruisers - Universal Studios Singapore


The Cruisers are an all-male 50’s pop singing group who charm their audience as they perform some of the greatest hits of all time.

Character Role:
Renowned as ‘the coolest of the cool’, the Cruisers require a 50’s/60’s pop sound with the ability to harmonise, strong movement ability, engaging personalities and excellent interaction with park guests who are in close proximity. All vocal ranges will be considered.

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The Rockafellas - Universal Studios Singapore


The Rockafellas are our resident b/boy crew, who will ‘wow’ you with their heart-pumping dance and acrobatic performance. Lead by their host, the crew have an undeniable following from their audiences as they involve them from start to finish in this dynamic, humorous and interactive street show.

Character Role:
B-Boy dance, acrobatics, and a great personality are essential. The ability to host on microphone is a plus.

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AUTOBOTS, Roll Out! - Universal Studios Singapore



The Transformers are represented in Universal Studios Singapore by Autobots OPTIMUS PRIME and BUMBLEBEE. A good sense of rhythm, core strength and a strong back is vital in this role as performers must be able to work in heavy costumes on stilts. Height requirements for Optimus Prime is approximately 180cm and for Bumblebee approximately 170cm.

Character Role:
These stilts roles require fit performers with strong core and back muscles. The physically demanding roles mean you’ll have to carry heavy and bulky costumes on your shoulders and legs while performing. Using rhythm and movement, can you bring these Autobots to life?


Aggressiveness and a burning intensity in face and eyes is required for our jackal-headed god of the dead, the ANUBIS GUARD. A good sense of timing, a high degree of fitness and a great set of abs is required. Performers should be between 167cm and 170cm tall and have a dark, tanned, or olive skin complexion. This is a male-only role performed on powerskips.

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Look out! Velociraptors have escaped in Jurassic Park! - Universal Studios Singapore



A physically strong performer is required to inject life into the protein-loving Velociraptor in Jurassic Park. Strong back and core essential. Height approximately 175 – 180cm.


Played by a female or male, DR. RODNEY is our resident paleontologist who loves introducing the youngest addition to Jurassic Park, Baby Diane. Fresh from Ingen Labs, the little triceratops is a breakthrough in genetic science. Besides portraying Dr. Rodney, the performer also has to animate Diane and give her a distinct personality. You’ll work closely with guests, and especially kids, in the outdoors and need to be able to project your voice.


As VOLUNTEER PARK WARDEN, you’ll get to bring out a velociraptor to meet park guests. But beware, this velociraptor sees little babies as bite sized snacks and adults as tasty prime rib. Can you keep guests safe enough?

Working in partnership with the velociraptor, you’ll need to make the fear of being with a velociraptor real. Using humour and seriousness, you’ll draw in audiences with trust and security so that the raptor can do its’ job. Together, you’ll pace the show so that it’s exciting, frightening and also fun.

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Hollywood Walk Of Fame™ - Universal Studios Singapore


(Atmospheric Stage, Outdoors)

List of Character Roles:

Make heads turn with your portrayal of the American icon, MARILYN MONROE. Deliver Marilyn Monroe’s smart lines, with wide-eyed innocence and humour. Drop lines from her movies and make them relevant in everyday conversation. Bring on a dazzling personality that gets this 50s sex symbol sizzling.

This non-speaking role requires expressiveness throughout the face, and especially the eyes. A great sense of comedic timing, the love for physical comedy and for telling a quick short story leading up to an appropriate photo will allow you to convincingly portray CHARLIE CHAPLIN during The Tramp period of his career. Basic bicycle riding skills are helpful as you may be required to ride a pennyfarthing.

If walking on the dark side of grey invigorates you, then playing the “ghost with the most”, BEETLEJUICE, might be your awakening. Possess minds, bodies and souls of guests with humour and charm your way to the hearts of unavailable women with your exceptional grotesque looks.

Put an oop-boop-be-do in every step and be the flirtatious flapper, BETTY BOOP. With expressive eyes, bubbly, bright and bursting with energy, this girlish teenager, with her sex symbol appeal and signature voice and squeal, has more heart than brains.

He is the last true warrior who made a deal with Anubis in a bid for revenge. He is the SCORPION KING, a man who only knew death and murder as his purpose in his life. Bigger than life, with a physique to match, this role requires a performer who is not body conscious. At least 185cm.

She speaks volumes without words. Her magnetism breathes. Clear the path for the NILE PRINCESS. She’s an Egyptian beauty with exotic looks and a statuesque physique, of Egyptian coloring and/or olive complexion. This role requires talent who is not body conscious.

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Hollywood Dream Parade - Universal Studios Singapore


The Hollywood Dreams Parade features all the stars of Universal Studios Singapore in a high-energy parade with a party atmosphere, performed on Saturdays and selected public holidays.

Character Role:

The Hollywood Dreams parade features over 100 characters from some of the biggest movies. Male and female of all heights, Dancers, Actors, Stilt Walkers, and more are needed for this extravaganza.

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Hollywood Lake Spectacular  - Universal Studios Singapore


Universal Studios Singapore creates many memorable events throughout the year including New Year's Eve Countdown, Chinese New Year celebrations, Halloween Horror Nights, Christmas and many more private events. Performers may have the opportunity to perform in original shows for these events, adding to the diverse and exciting Universal Studios Singapore experience.

We were awarded the IAPPA Brass Ring Award for WINNER for Best Overall Production in 2014 for “Sesame Street Saves Christmas” and WINNER for Most Creative Property-Wide Event in 2015 for our “Santa’s All Star Christmas”, proving that our shows, and the talent of our cast, are world-class.

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Universal Studios Singapore is looking for solo or group instrumentalists in a range of styles, including (but not limited to) jazz, pop, and contemporary music, for their upcoming events. Personality and an established act are a plus. All instruments, including percussion, woodwind, brass, guitar, piano and strings, are welcome. Looping techniques and beat boxing will also be considered.
Must be willing to play outdoors in humid conditions if necessary.

Universal Studios Singapore is looking for multi-skilled performers with ground-based acrobatic and/or aerial specialty acts to be performed for both indoor and outdoor seasonal events. Dance and/or singing ability is a definite plus.

Ground-based performers can attend auditions, or submit video.
Aerial by video only.

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