The Shark Family will bring you Halloween fun in the deep!

Pick up the courage to join the kids as they creep along an interactive musical walkway to play the international sensation ‘Baby Shark’. Learn facts about sharks and discover why they aren’t so scary after all. Try saving the seas in a game or go trick-or-treating in the deep. You can even take eerie wefies galore with your little ones and our lovable characters in their frightfully fun costumes!

creep along play a song_1366x666

Creep along, play a song

Come with your kids and explore the mysterious musical walkway that turns footsteps into tunes! Watch them laugh in amazement as their steps surprisingly turn into the international sensation ‘Baby Shark’. Also, look out for special signs that will teach you some new sustainable habits.

dont be afraid of the shark__1366x666

Don’t be afraid of the shark

Scared of sharks? Discover how there’s so much more to them than their ferocious appetites! Join the young ones and flip over boards to learn fascinating facts like how sharks have an almost-supernatural sixth sense that detects electrical signals.

Have fun saving the seas_1366x666

Have fun saving the seas

Youngsters will need to muster their courage to fight the scary threat of pollution at this interactive multiplayer game station! Join in, it will be a great way to bond with the kids.

Eerie wefies with the fin-tastic friends_1366x666

Eerie wefies with the Fin-tastic Friends

Witches, pirates and monsters, oh my! Whip out your phones for wefies with Mommy and Daddy Shark in their first-ever live appearances in their Halloween costumes. Don’t forget to take snapshots with Pinkfong and Baby Shark too. Bump up the eerie factor by appearing in your very own life-sized postcard at our special Halloween backdrop!

Meet Pinkfong and The Shark Family!
Sat and selected Sun*: 11am and 11.45am
*Available on 24 and 31 Oct.

trick or treat in the deep_1366x666

Trick-or-treat…in the deep

Take your trick-or-treating to the home of 100,000 marine animals. Let little tricksters hunt down candy ambassadors as fishes and more swim all around. It’ll be an otherworldly experience that you won’t forget.

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