Pick Your Favourite Manta Name and Win

Ever wanted to see a manta ray name itself? Now you can, because S.E.A. Aquarium’s three manta rays will be choosing their names. 

Thank you for participating in our Manta Naming Competition! Our contest has ended, do check back and see if you’re a winner on 27 May 2019!

*Contest terms and conditions apply.

SEA Aquarium Manta Ray 1 1366x666px

Manta 1

Friendly and curious, this manta is easily recognised by the black stroke that resembles the number ‘1’ on his underbelly. He is usually the first to approach our aquarists when they dive into the Open Ocean Habitat. Watch him gracefully somersaulting underwater during feeding time!

His choice of names:
A.MING MING 眀眀 (“Clear” in Chinese)
B. CONG CONG, 聪聪 (“Bright” in Chinese)

SEA Aquarium Manta Ray 2 1377x671px

Manta 2

This manta is a truly majestic sight as he glides through the water. Boasting an almost-fully black frame with a white patch on his underbelly, his towering presence is impossible to miss amidst the Open Ocean Habitat.

His choice of names:
A. BAO BAO 宝宝 (“Treasure” in Chinese)
B. LE LE, 乐乐 (“Happy” or “Joyful” in Chinese)

SEA Aquarium Manta Ray 3 1377x671px

Manta 3

The smallest amongst the three manta rays, he’s docile and endearing. A gentle giant with a heart-shaped mark on his underbelly, he loves twirling around our aquarists during feeding time.

His choice of names: 
A. QIN QIN , 亲亲 (“Dear” or “Close” in Chinese)
B. XIN XIN,心心 (“Heart” or “Feeling” in Chinese)


Enter the contest now and stand to win an Ocean Suite stay and other prizes worth more than $10,000*. 

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