Discover the true meaning behind marine life’s signals!

Nature’s displays are as vibrant as they are diverse. However, they could also be signalling the adverse effects of climate change. Learn more in this interactive event.

SEA Aquarium Glowing Ocean The Hidden Truth 1366x666 MLP2125-2019

The Hidden Truth

Open your heart to the cries of the ocean as you reveal hidden messages using a UV torch. Learn the effects of climate change on this mural by Band of Doodlers. Founded in 2013 by Mas Shafreen (Wanton Doodle), the Band aims to rid the world of blank spaces by filling them with characters and doodles. 

SEA Aquarium Glowing Ocean When Corals Fade 1366x666 MLP2125-2019

When Corals Fade

Vibrant corals are healthy corals. However, rising temperatures cause colourful corals to bleach and eventually die. Witness how life fades away at a special installation. 

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SEA Aquarium Glowing Ocean Kelp Me 1366x666 MLP2125-2019

Kelp Me!

Like underwater trees, kelp provides shelter and food to marine animals. Experience how dying kelp forests can no longer protect marine life from harsh conditions at this surreal forest of dying “ghost” kelp - designed and created by artist Kelly Limerick and hand-crocheted along with 20 volunteers. As an artist, Limerick explores large-scale installations, which inject unexpected visual impact in urban spaces. Like a living creature, her art grows with new inspirations every single day.

SEA Aquarium Glowing Ocean Beautiful Warning Signals 1366x666 MLP2125-2019

Beautiful Warning Signals

As temperatures rise, glowing plankton and brilliant red algae thrive. They’re easy on the eyes, but harsh on marine life. They produce toxic concentrations of ammonia, deplete oxygen levels and suffocate marine animals! Discover how harmful they are through special artwork that interacts with light in a special collaboration by Milan-based art/design duo, Carnovsky (Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla) and Singapore’s Kult.

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