Frog poison dart

Be greeted with a larger, more spacious and refreshed S.E.A. Aquarium adventure!

With the addition of a new immersive zone, your S.E.A Aquarium adventure is now extended into the tropical rainforest and intertidal coastal terrains before taking you across the underwater cities of brightly-hued coral reefs. Offering plenty of open spaces for everyone to explore and view the exhibits with safe management measures in place, the enhanced zone will intrigue young and old with its eye-catching educational displays that inspire marine conservation. 

At the new Rainforest, Intertidal and Coral Reef Habitats, come face to face with interesting creatures such as the poison arrow frog, epaulette shark, native knobbly sea star and the colourful plant-like animals – coral frags. It’s good news all around! S.E.A Aquarium has also welcomed more babies to the sea family! Among the newborns are the distinctive leopard whipray and white-tip reef shark, both listed as “Vulnerable” and “Threatened” in the IUCN1 Red List of Threatened Species belonging to the elasmobranch (both sharks and rays) species. Other newborns like the poison arrow frog and epaulette shark are housed at the new zone, so keep an eye out for them there. 

Your underwater adventure is definitely – bigger, better, with more to S.E.A.A!

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