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Published: 19 April 2023

Sharing RWS Conservation Efforts at Asian Dive Expo (ADEX)


Over the weekend, the Education, Research and Conservation (ERC) team represented S.E.A.A. at the annual Asia Dive Expo (ADEX) at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre. At our booth, we shared about the various educational programmes, conservation initiatives, and upcoming research efforts spearheaded by the team, as well as sustainable initiatives across the resort. We also shared about the upcoming Singapore Oceanarium and Research Learning Centre, and our research collaboration with NUS, the RWS-NUS Living Lab, that will begin in May.




Across the span of 3 days, we managed to engage and interact with diving enthusiasts and vendors, conservation entities, families and friends, and key figures in the marine conservation scene! We also encouraged visitors to make a digital pledge for the ocean. In total, we received a total of almost 250 digital pledges!

Most importantly, we got the chance to network and engage in discussions with key stakeholders and conservation figures, aligning on our shared goals and passion for the marine environment. Through these 3 days of fruitful engagement, we believe that we have inspired many visitors, made new friends, and opened the door for new collaborations and partnerships!