S.E.A. Aquarium Annual Passholders' Benefits

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Sign up for your Attractions Pass and enjoy these benefits:

 MLP2037 SEA Aquarium Annual Pass Prority Access Icon
Priority entry via VIP turnstile during first three hours of park operating hours
MLP2037 SEA Aquarium Annual Pass Invitations Icon
Invitations to exclusive events
 MLP2037 SEA Aquarium Annual Pass Birthday Icon
Receive a birthday gift when you visit us during your birthday month
MLP2037 SEA Aquarium Annual Pass Free Ice Cream icon
Free Ice Cream daily
(for Child Annual Pass only)
MLP2037 SEA Aquarium Annual Pass Discount Icons
Discount for selected RWS events
 MLP2037 SEA Aquarium Annual Pass VIP Tour Icon
Special Passholder's rate for SEAA VIP Tour and Ocean Dreams at S.E.A. Aquarium
MLP2037 SEA Aquarium Annual Pass Dolphin Encounters Icon
20% off Ultimate Marine Encounters and Dolphin Interaction Programmes
 MLP2037 SEA Aquarium Annual Pass Tickets Discount Icon
10% discount for dated One-Day Ticket for all RWS Attractions all year round (Limited to 6 tickets per transaction)
MLP2037 SEA Aquarium Annual Pass 10 Off Retail Icon 
10% off at all retail and food & beverage outlets
MLP2037 SEA Aquarium Annual Pass 10 off Photo Purchase
10% off Attraction photo purchase 


Passholders will enjoy a refreshed list of benefits from 1 June 2019!

S.E.A.A. Explorer Programme Exclusively for Child Annual Passholders 

Attractions Pass - S.E.A. Aquarium Explorer  S.E.A.A. Explorer is an interactive educational programme specially developed to engage children from the ages of 4 to 12. Exclusively for Child Annual Passholders, there will be different thematic activities that are progressively revealed through the year to arouse the curiosity and fuel the imagination of minds of our young friends about ocean conservation and the wonders of its diverse and captivating inhabitants.

These young members will be given hands-on tools and crafts to take on the role of explorers and discover the wonders and mysteries of the deep oceans. Rewards are in store, too, with the Explorer’s Completion Gift and Explorer’s Loyalty Gift presented upon completion of four and six missions respectively. Members will also get to bring home a DIY experiment guide to continue their exploration.

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