Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to charter the Royal Albatross?
There are many variables such as the duration, location, whether you’d like to set sail or stay alongside, entertainment and the food and beverage menus. Exclusive Charter of the Royal Albatross including its professional crew is more expensive than traditional land based venue hire and prices may vary considerably depending on the desires of each particular client. For a quotation or request for a private viewing, please contact us.

I’m worried that some of my guests may get sea-sick, is this likely?
No. The Royal Albatross displaces over 270 tons of water and is very stable. The waters around Singapore are usually very calm and flat. If however a guest is unduly worried, we would recommend taking one sea sickness tablet a few hours before departure.

What happens if we need to get back to shore quickly?
A MPA licensed harbour craft can be called at short notice to ferry guests on or off the ship, should the need arise.

Is there mobile phone coverage when on the ship?
Yes, for the majority of the time.