Royal Albatross

Where adventures begin and memories are made...

Experience the Golden Age of sail integrated with 21st-century technology and luxury onboard the Tall Ship Royal Albatross at Sunset

The Royal Albatross is a unique Tall Ship (sailing ship with high masts), with 4 masts and 22 sails. With only around 150 of such ships in the world and even fewer in actual passenger service, the Royal Albatross represents a throwback to the golden ages of sailing and is a definite attraction not just in Singapore but within South East Asia.

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Sunset Sail - Dinner Cruise Romancing the Seas On A Breathtakingly Beautiful Luxury Tall Ship - Royal Albatross

Capture unforgettable picturesque "Kodak moments" onboard Singapore's only Tall Ship cruise.

The journey begins as the sun sets out in the tranquility of Singapore's calm port waters and the open decks of this amazing 4-masted 22 sail luxury Tall Ship. There is smooth jazz music playing with a live saxophonist strolling around the deck, transporting you into a magical world of romance. Be pampered as we serve you a lavish BBQ buffet for dinner and drinks from the premium bar onboard.

On your sail, the city lights up when darkness falls and transforms the island, turning familiar landmarks into dazzling jewels- all from the unparalleled vantage point out at sea.

Round off the experience with a night sail back to shore as the attraction turns inwards with the ship sparkling in bright lights, making it visible from miles away.

Join us, for a Sunset Sail for everyone.

  • Friday Sunset Sail - Best for a social affair and partying with friends.
  • Saturday Sunset Sail - Best for couples on romantic dates, birthdays or anniversaries.
  • Sunday Sunset Sail - Best for relaxing and quality time with the family.

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