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The 40-min hologram concert and live dance performances incorporate various dance techniques from both traditional and modern Korean dances, Krump and K-Pop.

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Krump - K-live Sentosa

Ego ( Krump)

‘Krump’ is one of the many branches of Hip-Hop. Combining both the dynamic movements of Krump and traditional Korean soul is a story about identity diffusion – two souls intertwined in battle to find its genuine self.

Magic Show - K-live Sentosa

Close Encounters of The Third Kind (Magic Show)

The seamless combination of magic and hologram takes you to the unknown world. It is rather a feast of colors and lights fused with fantastic magic! As imagination harmonizes with technology, the world beyond magic spreads before your eyes.

2PM - K-live Sentosa

Hands Up, 2PM

‘Hands Up’ is a 2PM song title. It is an highly catchy club song accompanied by powerful electric sounds and drum beats. 2PM’s infectious charm will be made evident throughout the whole performance.

2PM - K-live Sentosa

My House, 2PM

‘My House’ is also a 2PM song title composed by 2PM member, Jun K. This song openly interprets the heart of a man intensely possessed by an attractive lady.

Wonder Girls - K-live Sentosa

I Feel You, Wonder Girls

‘I Feel You’ is a song from the Wonder Girls’ third album, REBOOT. It is the first attempted freestyle genre in Korea. The hologram stage allows you to witness the Wonder Girls’ playful personalities, as well as their signature dance moves.

GOT7 - K-live Sentosa

Just Right, GOT7

‘Just Right’ is a GOT7 song title. This song stands out thanks to their waggish lyrics, distinct sounds, loud outfits and cute dance steps.

GOT7 - K-live Sentosa

Girls Girls Girls, GOT7

‘Girls Girls Girls’ is GOT7’s debut song title. It is known for its well-constructed group dance moves which coincidentally, was also their claim to fame.

GOT7 - K-live Sentosa

Stop Stop It, GOT7

‘Stop Stop It’ is also a GOT7 song title. This song showcases the attractiveness of GOT7’s signature hip-hop dance.

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